devexpress wpf gridcontrol row context menu?

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12 фев 2013 ... DevExpress DXperience Subscription это набор инструментов для
комплексной разработки программного обеспечения для .

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3 crack and license key is developed A new easy to use design time wizard allow user to bind the wpf grid control to different add and editing row manually in gridcontrol devexpress.Devexpress wpf gridcontrol allow editing.
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...DevExpress Windows 8 XAML: Getting Started with the Grid Control, DevExpress WinForms Grid: Group Summaries, Using DevExpress MVVM Magic with WPF, WPF Layout GridControlDevexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Grouping Xaml.
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All format conditions can be applied by the end-user using a column's context menu. Ability to apply conditional formatting either to individual data cells or entire row.DevExpress WPF Grid: Conditional Formatting - YouTube.
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Introduction In my last article on this subject (quite awhile ago) I discussed a technique for generating a dynamic context menu for rows in a ListView control.WPF Dynamic Context Menu – Revisited | Steve's space.
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All DevExpress WPF controls can be easily localized using satellite resource assemblies. DevExpress delivers satellite assemblies for a large variety of languages and cultures.WPF Controls | DevExpress.

WinForms Grid - Replacing the editor s default context menu with a custom one - DevExpress Chann

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DXperience 13.1 — Новая версия .NET компонентов от ....

25 июн 2013 ... NET компонентов от DevExpress ... WinForms; Document Server; WinRT; Silverlight; WPF; ASP. ... новые редакторы (Tree-List Lookup, Sparkline и Popup Gallery), .... GridView; DataView; NewsControl; ImageGallery.
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Новые вопросы с меткой [mvvm] - Stack Overflow на русском.

Wpf Взаимодействие данных в паттерне MVVM .... ViewModel public class StudentViewModel { JournalContext context = new JournalContext(); ... Row="2" Text="{Binding TextToSend}"/> и кнопка <Button Content="SEND" Command="{. ... WPF&MVVM: Работа с отдельными пунктами ListView при дочернем GridView.
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...Filter Row, WPF Grid - Custom Filtering, DevExpress WinForms Grid: Filter Editor, DevExpress WPF Grid Control - Getting Started, DevExpress Auto Row Filter, DevExpress WinForms Spreadsheet: DataDevexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Auto Filter Row.
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Multi-Row and Multi-Cell Selection: The DevExpress WPF Grid provides comprehensive record selection support. Rows and cells can be selected both programmatically and at runtime.WPF DataGrid Control | DevExpress.
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I asked this question in Oct, 2012 when I was working on windows application. now when I turn to WPF application, I get the same problem again i.e How to get the selected row values of DevExpress ...How to get the selected row values of DevExpress GridControl in....




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