google chrome for microsoft windows xp?

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Provide remote assistance to Windows, Mac and Linux users, or access your
Windows (XP and above) and Mac (OS X 10.6 and above) ... For information
about privacy, please see the Google Privacy Policy and the Chrome Privacy

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Важно - Firefox вскоре прекращает поддержку Windows XP и Vista.

Почему Firefox прекращает поддержку пользователей Windows XP и Vista? ... Большинство браузеров (например, Google Chrome и Microsoft Internet ...
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For the second time, Google has pushed back on pulling the plug on Chrome for Microsoft's older operating systems. This time, however, Google seems intent on killing off Chrome support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.Google Chrome Will No Longer Receive Updates On Windows XP....
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Google Chrome.

Google Chrome – это быстрый, удобный и современный браузер. Установите его на свой компьютер.

How to free download google chrome for windows xp

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Альтернатива браузеру Chrome для Windows XP и Vista.

17 апр 2016 ... Ищете альтернативу Google Chrome? Последнее обновление Chrome больше не поддерживает Windows XP и Windows Vista.
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Microsoft never released a version of IE 9 for Windows XP, so the only real upgrade path for those that want to stick with Windows XP (and continue using Google Apps) is either to install a different web browser or use Google Chrome Frame.Google Drops Support for IE 8, Windows XP | WIRED.
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Вопросы по окончанию поддержки Windows XP — Microsoft ....

Почему Microsoft прекращает поддержку Windows XP? ... Я читал, что браузер Google Chrome будет обновляться даже после окончания периода ...
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Google has announced that its Chrome browser for xp will continue to get updates at least until April, 2015, one year more than Microsoft’s support lifecycle for xp. Google’s decision to support Chrome for xp for 1 more year is favorable as many users still use Windows xp as their primary operating...Google Chrome for Windows XP supported till April 2015.





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MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL SP2 X64 (thethingy) manual.rar-adds free download activex control for google chrome. Villoslada says if businesses do not want something to be known by their rivals, source: How Spain's Balearic islands are trying to turn into a tech paradise.Manual Do Google Chrome Baixaki Windows Xp Gratis Paradise.
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