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  1. Where is the bash history for the root user saved? - Ask Ubuntu

    Generally when you log into another user account, the bash history will be saved in a file called .bash_history located in the home directory of that user.


  2. 17 Bash History Command Examples In Linux

    • The ‘history’ command available in Bash can be used to simply display your shell history, however there’s also a
    • After logging out and back in all history will be stored in /root/new_history instead.


  3. How to Disable Your Bash_History or Log Users

    • Disable .BASH_history - including current session's
    • If you choose to do this for root you should consider a logging program ▐▌ █ to monitor root actions and if possible have the logs...


  4. bash history - Ubuntu : Delete part of root .bash_history without traces - Ask Ubuntu

    Use: Su vim ~/.bash_history. History does not save the command if it has a space in front of it. This is dependent on the HISTCONTROL variable. By default (for root) it's ignoredups:ignorespace.


  5. bash команда grep, поиск строки в файлах | Unixblog.org.UA

    • #grep -rlс authorized /root. 3. -v Выводит все строки кроме содержащих указанный шаблон.
    • shell/bash bash find a string, bash grep, bash поиск строки, grep.


  6. linux - How to view the bash_history for root? - Stack Overflow

    You can run the history command to see the current users history.


  7. root bash_history | Forum

    • I just did a fresh install of netrunner and it has a significant bash root history in the root directory.


  8. Where is bash's history stored? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    They are written into .bash_history on exit: When an interactive shell exits, the last $HISTSIZE lines are copied from the history list to the file named by $HISTFILE.


  9. bash - Docker and .bash_history - Stack Overflow

    • Is there any way to share a .bash_history volume with a docker container so that everytime I go into a shell I have my bash history
    • I am running the commands inside the container as the root user.


  10. Bash History: Display Date And Time For Each Command – nixCraft

    • The bash shell provides access to the command history, the list of commands previously typed.
    • We have multiple users connecting as root using ssh and running different commands.