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  1. 11x11x11 Cube Solving (1h:6m:29s.64ss) - YouTube

    • 11x11x11 Rubik's cube solving in 1 hour 6 minutes 29.64 seconds.
    • Rubik's Cube World Record - Продолжительность: 3:08 Martinrubiksman 7 040 218 просмотров.


  2. The world's first black plastic 11x11x11 Rubik's Cube and still the only legal one.

    • Written December 2009- This is a fully functional 11x11x11 puzzle.
    • This is due to the hidden internal parts on all 'even' V-Cube designs. So the logical one would be an 11x11x11.


  3. 11x11x11 Cube unbox (now in Ukraine) - YouTube

    • 11x11x11 Cube. First available in Ukraine.
    • Lucas Etter - Road to Rubik's Cube World Record Single 4.90 - Duration: 3:12. LC Cuber 1,511,567 views.


  4. 11x11x11 Cube: 1970-Now | eBay

    • Original YuXin White Pillowed 11x11x11 (with stickers). This was the first mass produced 11x11x11 cube made by YuXin around March 2010.


  5. Largest NxNxN Rubik's Cube simulator: 11x11x11

    • The 11x11x11 version is the largest available NxNxN magic puzzle simulator.
    • Scramble the 11x11x11 cube and try to solve it using the rotation buttons.


  6. 11x11x11 Rubik's Cube Solving (55m:19.47s) - YouTube

    • Solving an 11x11x11 Rubik's Cube in under an hour.
    • Still the Biggest Rubik's Cube in the world by Tony Fisher - huge 3x3x3 twisty puzzle - Duration: 5:45.


  7. Twisty Puzzle Scramble Generator

    • Puzzle scrambler collection: Rubik's Cube, NxNxN cube, Square-1, Rubik's Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx.
    • Cube type.


  8. Arduino to the max: 11x11x11 LED-cube - Kristian Nielsen

    • The 11x11x11 cube thus has 11*11=121 columns, each containing 11 LEDs. Let us first see how a single column works: All the cathodes are tied together and connected to ground.


  9. 11x11x11 Cube Solving (1h:6m:29s.64ss) на tubethe.com

    • 11x11x11 Cube Solving (1h:6m:29s.64ss) Видео онлайн, музыкальные клипы, мультфильмы, приколы на нашем сайте есть всё
    • На главную. Поиск. 11x11x11 Cube Solving (1h:6m:29s.64ss).


  10. 11x11x11 Rubiks Cube - YouTube

    This is a small review of my 11x11x11 (Yuxin). It is BIG! Thats actually why i wanted to get one of these bricks! :).