Plant growth regulators

Plant growth regulators are for laboratory use, plant tissue culture media preparation, and plant research purposes only.

Plant Growth Regulators

The importance of plant growth regulators in plant tissue culture is well documented. PhytoTechnology offers a broad range of plant growth regulators specifically tested for plant cell culture.

Chemistry on Plant Growth Regulators: An overview

CYTOKININS 2iP: plant growth regulators. 6-Benzylaminopurine: It is. an inhibitor of respiratory kinase in plants[15].

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The plant growth regulator solutions are sterile filtered through a double 0.2 µm filter unit into sterile bottles. Each lot of plant growth regulator solution is tested for sterility according to specifications established by U.S. Pharmacopeia Vol.

Boost corn development with a plant | Plant Growth Regulator Benefits

Ascend® plant growth regulator contains an optimum combination of three plant growth regulators and can be used as a seed treatment, in furrow or as a foliar application. Ascend® plant growth regulator can also be applied by ground, air or chemigation.

Influence of Plant Growth Regulators and Subculturing on In Vitro...

Different growth regulators (benzyladenine (BA), isopentenyladenine (2iP), kinetin (Kin) and adenine sulphate (ADS) at 2.5 mg/L were concerned.

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产品中文名:6-(y,y-dimethylallylamino)purine 2ip - plant growth regulators - d525.

Euro. J. Exp. Bio., 2012, 2 (1):156-162

Roots of Bixa orellana L. (annatto) showed differential response to different plant growth regulators and basal (MS and B5) medium. B5 medium supplemented with 4.9 µM 2-iso pentenyl adenine (2-iP) induced direct somatic embryogenesis in root segments.

Plant Regulators | Cotton Growth Regulators

Table 6.1 - Plant Growth Regulation (PGR). Timing Suggestions – the Modified Early Bloom Technique.

Influence of Plant Growth Regulators... -

Influence of Plant Growth Regulators and Subculturing on In Vitro Multiplication of Some Fig (Ficus Carica) Cultivars.

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