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  1. 4 1 - Knot Atlas

    • [edit Notes on presentations of 4 1]. Knot 4_1.
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  2. 5 1 - Knot Atlas

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  3. L4a1 - Knot Atlas

    [edit Notes on L4a1's Link Presentations] Why such an ugly Braid Representative? Much of the above data can be recomputed by Mathematica using the package KnotTheory`. See A Sample KnotTheory` Session.


  4. 5 2 - Knot Atlas

    • V2,1. V3,1. V4,1. V4,2.
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  5. Stormdrane's Blog: 45 face globe knot...

    I followed this tutorial (originally shared through the IGKT France site, but the links changed) to try tying a 45 face globe knot, with 1.4mm nylon cord.


  6. Introduction to Knot Concordance

    • Chapter 1. Knots and surfaces
    • 1.3. Knots in S3
    • 1.5. Tubular neighborhoods and knot complements


  7. Knot

    • 1.4. Building from sources. 5. Knot DNS Resolver, Release 1.2.4. Building for packages. The build system supports both DESTDIR and amalgamated builds...


  8. Tutorial - friendship-bracelets.net | Proceed with Backward Forward Knots

    • 4.1.2. b)Barnacle Knot String--One End used in Pattern 4.1.3. c)Barnacle Knot String--Both ends used in pattern.
    • For the first two variations.


  9. A Step By Step Instructional Guide

    • 4.1 Adding the First Buckle • Fold the cord in half, holding the looped end (Figure 4.1). •
    • loops will be on the opposite side of the “Center” strands than they were on the first knot. •


  10. 6₃ knot - Wikipedia

    In knot theory, the 63 knot is one of three prime knots with crossing number six, the others being the stevedore knot and the 62 knot. It is alternating, hyperbolic, and fully amphichiral. It can be written as the braid word. Like the figure-eight knot, the 63 knot is fully amphichiral.