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  1. The 700 Club Staff Bio -- Terry Meeuwsen | The 700 Club Co-host, The 700 Club

    • CBN.com – Terry Meeuwsen has been a familiar face on The 700 Club since the early 1980s, appearing on the program many times as a guest co-host. In June 1993 she became a permanent co-host, joining Pat Robertson on the program...


  2. 700 Club Staff -- CBN.com -- 700 Club Hosts

    • Find out more about the faces of The 700 Club, including hosts Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson, and Terry Meeuwsen, CBN News Anchor Lee Webb, and 700 Club Producers Scott Ross, Lisa Ryan, and Kristi Watts.


  3. 700 Club Interactive | 700 Club Interactive | Terry Meeuwsen Founder and Director, Orphan's Promise

    • Terry had guest-hosted The 700 Club on occasion, and was brought into the fold in 1993. She currently co-hosts The 700 Club alongside Pat Robertson, and also hosted the CBN show Living the Life with comedian Louise DuArt.


  4. 700 club host terry

    • Find everything you need to know about the 700 club hosted by pat robertson gordon robertson terry meeuwsen wendy griffith and cbn news anchor john jessup. Host bio terry meeuwsen the 700 club co...


  5. The 700 Club PSYCHICS

    • Are The 700 Club hosts, Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen, psychics? On today's show, Gordon and Terry prayed while holding hands, and then claimed that the following healings had taken place as a result of their prayers on TV ...


  6. About CBN | The 700 Club Staff

    • As a co-host, Terry Meeuwsen brings a diverse portfolio to the set of The 700 Club. She has been a familiar face on CBN programs since the early 1980s.


  7. The 700 Club with Pat Robertson | CBN.com Christian Broadcasting Network

    • Find everything you need to know about The 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, Wendy Griffith and CBN News Anchor John Jessup.


  8. Where to nd The 700 Club & CBN

    • Station. Program AIR times. Channel. Est. From left to right: 700 Club hosts Gordon Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, and Pat Robertson. CST.


  9. Terry Meeuwsen: My God Adventure - CBN.com - YouTube

    • Дата загрузки: 23 июн. 2010 г. 700 Club co-host Terry Meeuwsen talks about the origins of Orphan's Promise...


  10. Co-Host Forced To Tranquilize Pat Robertson During '700 Club' Taping Again

    • VIRGINIA BEACH, VA—Explaining that she waited as long as possible before firing, 700 Club co-host Terry Meeuwsen was nevertheless forced to tranquilize Pat Robertson once again during a taping for the show on Monday afternoon.