4 credit-building steps to land you in the 700 club


While there's no one magic number that signifies good credit, a score of 700 can seem like a holy grail for those who are rebuilding credit.

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Having excellent credit is the foundation to a successful future, your credit can determine many factors in your life such as : Jobs, communities that you reside, the car you drive, the vacations you take, home buy, it can

Is 700 a good credit score in 2016? Be warned!


However, a 700 credit score will still get you in the door with most issuers. You just might not get their lowest APRs, most generous credit lines or best rewards right off the bat. But is 700 good compared to the average score?

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A club where we celebrate our members for reaching and maintaining a 700 credit score.

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This will be done with a focus on creating 700 credit score communities by working closely with our clients and surrounding communities to move average credit scores from the range of 550 to the 650 range.

Your keys to getting in the 700+ credit score club


In an ever-tightening credit market, having a solid credit history with a credit score well over 700 will open doors to money-saving opportunities.

Is 700 a Good Credit Score? How to get a 700 credit score


Unfortunately it is not as easy as saying that a 700 credit score is good or a 700 hundred credit score is bad. The truth is that it is neither here nor there when it stands on its own.

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... having a solid credit history with a credit score well over 700 will ... Obsessing over your credit score; How to keep credit scores up when card ...

Credit Scoring: A Flawed System


The 700 Club - Money Mondays. Mary's Newsletter. Want more tips?

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