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BikeCalc.com - How to calculate Bicycle Wheel Size


Wheel diameter = (rim diameter) + (tire diameter * 2). Wheel circumference = Wheel diameter * PI.

700c vs. 26"


The difference in wheel diameter causes the footprint of the bigger wheel's tire to be more

tire - How do I determine my wheel size - Bicycles Stack Exchange


So when I saw all these different tire sizes, I assumed they all required a different wheel size, but in fact, there is essentially just one wheel diameter for my type of bike, which they refer to as 700C...

Wheel Comparison: 650B vs 700c


What are the differences between these 700c X 35-40mm wheels and tires and 650B X 47mm wheels and tires? Wheel diameter is a very noticeable difference...

WHEEL SIZE 26 vs 700C


Because the 26" wheel has a diameter that is 11% smaller (559mm vs 622mm bead seat diameter)

700c vs 26" - CycleBanter.com | Forum


Do you really care that 700c wheels have a bead diameter of 622mm?

Bead seat diameter, mm | 650c Inner Tubes, Tyres and Wheels


The table below shows the difference between 650c and 700c wheels. Wheel size: Bead seat diameter, mm Overall diameter, mm Overall radius, mm Tyre circumference, mm.

ISO sizes of common wheel diameters - Slowtwitch.com


“Everyone should ride 700c wheels…” “Everyone knows that 650c wheels are more aerodynamic!”

When 700cmx is No Longer 700c: the 26″ vs.... | The Radavist


But are those issue enough to keep people from riding 26″ wheelsets?

650 versus 700c wheels - Are small wheels slow? 650 vs. 700c


This has led some to assume that 700c wheels may be faster or better because they are bigger.

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