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The difference in wheel diameter causes the footprint of the bigger wheel's tire to be more

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The 700 originally referred to the outside diameter of the tire.

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A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels. Bicycle wheels are typically designed to fit into the frame and fork via dropouts, and hold bicycle tires.

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So when I saw all these different tire sizes, I assumed they all required a different wheel size, but in fact, there is essentially just one wheel diameter for my type of bike, which they refer to as 700C...

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The approximate diameters of the rims for these sizes are

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“Everyone should ride 700c wheels…” “Everyone knows that 650c wheels are more aerodynamic!”

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Wheel diameter = (rim diameter) + (tire diameter * 2). Wheel circumference = Wheel diameter * PI.

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The table below shows the difference between 650c and 700c wheels. Wheel size: Bead seat diameter, mm Overall diameter, mm Overall radius, mm Tyre circumference, mm.

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What is the diameter of a 700c wheel including a 38mm ish tyre?

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"700C and 29ers are like two inches different in diameter." he said.

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