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  1. 700c Bicycle Wheel Diameter - Best Seller Bicycle Review

    • - 50mm Fixed gear wheel 32H waterTransfer Printing alloy rim. Source. 650 versus 700c wheels - Are small wheels slow?
    • 650 vs. 700c - World Record holding Bike with small diameter wheels.


  2. 700c vs. 26"

    • The difference in wheel diameter causes the footprint of the bigger wheel's tire to be more
    • I originally thought it probable our testers were mistaken about a speed advantage for 700c wheels.


  3. BikeCalc.com - How to calculate Bicycle Wheel Size

    • Wheel diameter = (rim diameter) + (tire diameter * 2).
    • Since the tire wraps around your rim, the wheel diameter includes the tire on both sides (thus the multiplication by 2).


  4. Wheel Comparison: 650B vs 700c

    • Wheel diameter is a very noticeable difference, but there are other factors to consider when thinking about making the swap from 700c to 650B on your gravel machine.


  5. WHEEL SIZE 26 vs 700C

    • Because the 26" wheel has a diameter that is 11% smaller (559mm vs 622mm bead seat diameter)
    • Conversely, high speed stability is enhanced by the longer and narrower footprint of a 700c front tire.


  6. Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia

    A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels. Bicycle wheels are typically designed to fit into the frame and fork via dropouts, and hold bicycle tires.


  7. 700c wheels diameter

    • Do you really care that 700c wheels have a bead diameter of 622mm?
    • But are those issue enough to keep people from riding 26″ wheelsets?


  8. Bicycle wheel sizes 700c

    • The first: Bicycle wheels are grouped by their diameter.
    • Adult road bikes come with ‘700c’ wheels – under the ETRTO/ISO this measurement is 622mm.


  9. Wheel Size Wars - Slowtwitch.com | ISO sizes of common wheel diameters

    • “Everyone should ride 700c wheels…” “Everyone knows that 650c wheels are more aerodynamic!”
    • Mountain bikers all used to ride 26” wheels. That’s similar in diameter – but not the same as – a...


  10. Bead seat diameter, mm | The table below shows the difference between 650c and 700c wheels.

    • Most road bikes nowadays come fitted, as standard, with 700c wheels (including inner tubes and tyres) and not 650c.
    • Wheel size: Bead seat diameter, mm Overall diameter, mm Overall radius, mm Tyre...