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700C is the dominant wheel size in the modern bike world, and the biggest of the top three.

650 versus 700c wheels - Are small wheels slow? 650 vs. 700c


That being said, there's a lot of mis-information out there on this subject (and I do mean a $%^# of a lot

AEROSPOKE 5 Spoke Carbon Composite 700C Bicycle Wheel Mean...


The Mean Green Aerospoke Carbon Composite 700c Bicycle Wheel is built for action with ridged carbon construction and lightweight design. You get more strength than traditional spoked wheels...

How many inches across is a 700c wheel? | Forum


I always thought 700c meant 700mm! What? so apparently, 700=622.

Touring Bike FAQ #2: 26-inch or 700C Wheel Size?


Case in point my last two 700c wheels I replaced after 30 and 28 thousand kilometres respectively.

700c vs 26 Inch Wheels – Which Is Best?


Depending on the size tire and rim width chosen (of which there is a larger variety to choose from) – a 26″ wheel/tire can “fill” the empty space on touring bikes built for taller wheels – meaning...

Wheels for Cyletouring - 700c vs 26”


So the fleet, all built by Orbit, consisted of ten, classic Reynolds 531 touring bikes with 700c wheels.

Purchase Affordable 700c Wheels


A collection of 700c Wheels gives you the ability to control your high-end cruising speed while racing. Here, at our store, there is no lack of colors, weight, and sizes to choose from.

700c vs. 26"


Does this mean 26" tandems are stupid? Hardly. If you want to conquer the toughest terrain, 700c wheels simply aren't strong enough.

700c vs 26inch Wheel Size for Bicycle... - CyclingAbout CyclingAbout


A 700c wheel increases the chances of toe overlap compared to the smaller wheel sizes.

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