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A 700c wheel increases the chances of toe overlap compared to the smaller wheel sizes. This is one reason why Surly only offer 700c wheels on their touring bike frames over 56cm.

Touring Bike FAQ #2: 26-inch or 700C Wheel Size?


Many folk seem to think that the question of 700C (road bike) or 26-inch (mountain bike) sized wheels for a touring bike is a big deal.

650 versus 700c wheels - Are small wheels slow? 650 vs. 700c


The wheel size obviously has nothing to do with the top speed. If it did, we would see huge wheels on race

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700C is the dominant wheel size in the modern bike world, and the biggest of the top three.

WHEEL SIZE 26 vs 700C


And even if you never plan to venture off pavement, the "bigger is faster" argument is limited by the size of the riders--tandems built around 700c wheels are inefficiently tall for captains shorter than about 5'7".

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A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels. Bicycle wheels are typically designed to fit into the frame and fork via dropouts, and hold bicycle tires.

700c /29 inch / ISO 622 Bicycle Wheels from Harris Cyclery


The ISO 622 wheel size is also commonly known as 700C.

Best touring bike wheels size between buying 26 inch or 700c wheels...


Best touring bike wheel size: 26 inch or 700c wheels.

700c vs. 26"


The argument over wheel size did not start with tandem riders.

Wheel Size- Myth and Theory


A discussion of bicycle wheel size. Pros, cons and theory behind 26″, 650b or 700c wheels sizes for the touring bike.

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