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  1. 700c vs 26inch Wheel Size for Bicycle Touring - CyclingAbout

    • 650b is the middle size between 26inch and 700c (actually it’s a bit closer to 26inch), so a bike with these wheels tends to have a mix of both 26inch and 700c riding characteristics.


  2. WHEEL SIZE 26 vs 700C

    • And even if you never plan to venture off pavement, the "bigger is faster" argument is limited by the size of the riders--tandems built around 700c wheels are inefficiently tall for captains shorter than about 5'7".


  3. 650 versus 700c wheels - Are small wheels slow? 650 vs. 700c

    • The wheel size obviously has nothing to do with the top speed. If it did, we would see huge wheels on race
    • This has led some to assume that 700c wheels may be faster or better because they are bigger.


  4. Best touring bike wheels size between buying 26 inch or 700c wheels for sale bicycles

    • The disadvantage of the larger 700c can be compensated for by selecting superior rims. Conclusion: Either size wheel will work providing you use high quality components.


  5. Touring Bike FAQ #2: 26-inch or 700C Wheel Size?

    • Many folk seem to think that the question of 700C (road bike) or 26-inch (mountain bike) sized wheels for a touring bike is a big deal.


  6. 700c vs. 26"

    • The argument over wheel size did not start with tandem riders.
    • If they actually rode faster with 700c wheels, I felt certain it was an ephemeral result of enhanced rider confidence.


  7. Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia

    A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels. Bicycle wheels are typically designed to fit into the frame and fork via dropouts, and hold bicycle tires.


  8. Wiggle | Wheels + 700c (622) Wheels | Wheel Size

    • Wheel Size. Bicycle wheels come in a wide range of sizes from 12" wheels found on smaller Kids Bikes to larger 29" Mountain Bike and
    • Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Alloy Clincher Wheelset (2016).


  9. BikeCalc.com - How to calculate Bicycle Wheel Size

    • A Chart of Wheel Sizes with an explanation of BikeCalc's math. Feedback? Email me. Jump down to the Wheel Size Chart.


  10. 26" vs 700c wheels for a touring bike

    • We had no choice, but wheel size is a silly thing to base route decisions on. So now we know.
    • Even in 2008, they could easily have upgraded the wheelset on their $900 bike for a much stronger 700c...