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A true story of a Vancouver company starting from a shared desk and now breaking multi-million in revenue a year. A Thinking Ape’s story began in Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator and became something so much more.

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But we double-checked with A Thinking Ape by e-mail on this and they said $20,000, as in real — not virtual — currency.) We realized it was skewing our revenue and we realized we didn’t want to create a game community where people thought that you had to pay to win.

46 Cents in Revenue Per Daily Active User? Vancouver’s A Thinking...


Vancouver’s A Thinking Ape Has Seen It Before. By Kathleen De Vere on Nov. 16, 2011 - 11:19 AMComment.

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A Thinking Ape ‏@athinkingape 20 мая. Our Apes had to find ten Grumps hidden around the office for a prize from @soft_peaks.

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A Thinking Ape has the most healthy working environment I've experienced in my life. Management is incredibly transparent and concerned with

A Thinking Ape’s Critique of Trans-Simianism (repost) « Dresden Codak


More intelligent than an ape? Klomp fails to explain just what a post-ape can think of that we mere mortals cannot. The capacity of the simian mind is already far beyond any animal in the world: We are capable of using speech to let others know where we are, where to sleep and eat...


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