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The Civil War from A to Z. A community project for an index of Civil War Terms and their definitions. Common words and slang of the period, technical terms, biographical information, weapons, battles, nicknames, medical terms, and reenactment terminology are all defined.

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un civil war of words media and politics in the arab world.

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A word list of some Civil War Ballads and Songs: John Brown's Body, The Battle Cry of Freedom, When Johnny Comes Marching Home. In addition to the Civil War vocabulary list, offers 525 other word lists.

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What Civil War words start with F? · Felix Zollicoffer (Confederate General) · Fort Donelson (Tennessee), battle of · Fort Henry (Tennessee), battle of · Fort Macon (North Carolina), battle of · …

1865: The End of the Civil War

1865: The End of the Civil War. Informational (nonfiction), 1,527 words, Level Z (Grade 5) Multilevel Book also available in levels Z1 and Z2. The war that divided the country also changed it forever.

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Xanthorrhiza is a Civil War word that starts with the letter "x." Patented during the war, Xanthorrhiza is the pharmaceutical name for a natural medication created from the root of Xanthorrhiza apiifolia, also known as "yellow root" due to its distinctive coloring.

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Directions: All words are positioned left to right.

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More words related to civil war.

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· One cause=one effect · One cause=many effects · Many causes=one effect · Cycle of cause and effect · Chain reaction cause and effect. Your task today is within your group to map out the cause and effect structure of the Civil War.

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