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  1. 8 words from the American Civil War | OxfordWords blog

    • Let’s have a look at several Civil War words. 1. Deadline. As much angst as the word deadline incites in people today, the term probably struck more fear in the hearts of Civil War-era soldiers.


  2. The Civil War from A to Z | American Civil War Forums

    • A community project for an index of Civil War Terms and their definitions. Common words and slang of the period, technical terms, biographical information, weapons, battles, nicknames, medical terms, and reenactment terminology are all defined.


  3. Civil War A–Z

    • Some of America’s best-known songs come from the Civil War. In 1861, the Boston writer Julia Ward Howe, after a visit to a Union camp, woke during the night inspired to write the words that became “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”


  4. A-z words for civil war book

    • Civil war words a-z? · Appomattox Court House (Lee surrenders to Grant) · Battle Hymn of the Republic (patriotic song written in 1862 by Julia Ward Howe) · Confederate States of Ameri…ca · Dranesville (Virginia), battle of · Edward M. Stanton (Union Secretary of War) · Franklin (Tennessee)...


  5. Glossary of Civil War Terms | Civil War Trust

    • Improve your Civil War vocabulary with our collection of relevant words & definitions.
    • Brogan: A leather shoe, similar to an ankle-high boot, issued to soldiers during the Civil War. Brogans were also popular amongst civilians during the time period.


  6. Civil war vocabulary, Civil war word list - www.myvocabulary.com

    • Other names for the Civil War: War Between the States, the War of Rebellion, the War of Secession, The War for Southern Independence.
    • In addition to the Civil War vocabulary list, www.myvocabulary.com offers 525 other word lists.


  7. a to z words for the civil war

    • Key words and phrases: The Civil War; The Red Army; The White Army; ... Найти точку пересечения прямой l : 30.
    • 30 сен 2014 ... We have civil war in Ukraine – and this is a tragedy. ... One of the main characters in the film uses my words from a real situation.


  8. Civil War Vocabulary - Vocabulary List : Vocabulary.com

    • 68 Words Activities Assignments. show: definitions & notes only words. in list order from A to Z from Z to A from easy to hard from hard to easy.
    • civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865.


  9. Words for Civil

    • Words for Civil War ABC Book. A is for Abraham Lincoln B is for Freemen’s Bureau C is for Confederacy D is for Jefferson Davis E is for Emancipation F is for Fort Sumter G is for Gettysburg H is for Hardtack I is for Ironclad J is for John Brown K is for Kepi L is for Robert E. Lee M is for March to...


  10. The Civil War | Music Theatre International

    • Drawing on letters, diaries, firsthand accounts and the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman, The Civil War is a thrilling and awe-inspiring "dramatic theatrical concert."