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I start from today new series that is called ‘A letter, A word – China from A to Z’.

Chinese Swear Words | Chinese Language Blog


There are also tons of curse words in Chinese that have to do with sex, prostitution, genitals, masturbation, etc. 二屄 (Èr bī – or just 2B online) – This means “double vagina” and is used to call someone the equivalent of a “f***ing idiot.”

Word order - Chinese Grammar Wiki


You may have heard that word order in Chinese is very similar to that of English, and compared to a language like Japanese, it is. Fairly quickly, though, you'll start to realize that there are quite a few ways that the word order of even relatively simple sentences simply don't match in Chinese and English.

Chinese language resources - Oxford Dictionaries


字母词 Lettered Words in Chinese*. Guide to Chinese pronunciation.

Chinese Measure Words Usage | Language Realm


The Chinese language uses measure words to count nouns. Unlike English and most European languages, Chinese does not distinguish between singular and plural, so nouns are simply abstract in number



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Animated Chinese Character Stroke Order and Dictionary.

A to Z Kids Stuff | China


Animals. A to Z Kids Stuff--The Giant Panda.

What a to z Chinese letter


What the a to z Chinese letter?

Chinese New Year Teaching Ideas, Lesson Plans, Printables, Activities


Resources @ A to Z’s Shop.

PPT – A to Z of CHINA An alphabet journey through China in words...


And it’s free to register and free to log in! Loading... PPT – A to Z of CHINA An alphabet journey through China in words and pictures PowerPoint

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