French Words A-Z

enter the words in French next to the English equivalents. The FRENCH words are in alphabetical order and accents/characters are unnecessary. Beware - there are trick questions.

French numbers 1 to 20 in French and also zero.

Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. how to say the Numbers from 0 to 20 in French.

Frenchassistant V2 - lessons | FRENCH LESSON OBJECTIVES

A quick look at how placing of letters in words changes the sounds. The sounds of a letter in a word is sometimes determined by its position in the word. In general at the end of words in French the last letter is silent.

School-Related Words (English/French) PICTURE DICTIONARY

School - Match the French Words to the Pictures. A comme... Book, A Printable Book. English-French numbers: CHILDREN'S DICTIONARY. Today's featured page: Rocks and Minerals Dictionary: A. English English-Dutch English-French French-English.

French Books

Reading A-Z's French Books support the growth of native and nonnative French speakers' reading and language skills. Our French language High-Frequency Word and Alphabet books help beginning readers and speakers expand their vocabulary as they develop knowledge of French phonetics and...

French prepositions -

A guide to French prepositions. Page index: Using the word de. Prepositions of position and direction. Prepositions of time and relation.

53 French Words You Regularly Use in English

How come there are so many French words in English? After the Norman Conquest of 1066, Anglo-Norman (old French) became the language of the elite in the UK. For 300 years, Norman was the language the British elite used to distinguish itself from the population.

How to pronounce French words

How to say French words - free language course with French video and audio helping you with French language pronunciation.

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Common Conversational Words and Phrases in French - For Dummies

By mastering the basics of conversation in French, you put yourself and the person you're talking to at ease. Everyone should learn essential French conversational words and phrases before traveling to a French-speaking country.

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