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The look and say teaching method, also known as the whole word method, was invented in the 1830s and soon became a popular method for teaching reading.

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Advantages of Direct Method.

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This is to say, teaching a fixed curriculum focussed (focused) on passing a specific exam. This method limits the curriculum to a set range of

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Speaking from experience as an English teacher, I can say that access to computers in the writing classroom is an excellent way to elicit work from every student.

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look and say noun (education). A method of teaching reading, whereby the pupil is trained to recognize words at a glance, and say them, rather than articulate the letters of the word one by one. • • • Main Entry: ↑look.

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Say – The teacher verbally presents the word or sentence, taking care to pronounce the word correctly. Try – The student then tries to repeat what the teacher is saying.

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There are many methods of teaching which can be chosen by teachers.

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The first advantage of using suggestopedia for teaching English is that suggestopedia method use music during the process of learning. Ostrander and Schroeder cited in Harmer said that baroque music which is used in.

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The Look-Say Method. For Teaching Reading. While flicking around with the TV remote this evening, I stumbled upon Stephen Fry (a famous British celebrity) presenting a

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1. In a method of teaching reading in which a student looks at or scans the words in a book or the like containing written or printed words while said words at least in the

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