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ID. Icon. Name. Series. Batch. Element. Cost. Sex. Leader Skill. BB Skill. SBB Skill. UBB Skill. Extra Skill. Hits.

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Brave Frontier (ブレイブフロンティア Bureibu Furontia) is a Japanese mobile role-playing game developed and published by A-Lim, originally for Apple's iOS and later for Android and Kindle Fire. It was first released in Japan by A-Lim on July 3, 2013...

Развитие юнитов Brave Frontier | Brave Frontier - скачать игру...

Развитие героев в Brave Frontier требует уникальных юнитов(элементов и имитаторов), которые могут быть получены через прохождение квестов, или путем участия в соответствующем ежедневном событии.

How to get aisha in brave frontier - 1Q5A

Drake Queen Aisha - Brave Frontier Wiki She received invitations from many countries that were after her precious fighting skills, but she refused to go anywhere that didn't have a dragoon army.

Brave Frontier Unit Evolution List | Brave Frontier Guide: Tips...

Brave Frontier Evolution Material List. In order for you to evolve your units, you will need to find the required materials and enough zel to upgrade them. Here is a list of items you will need

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