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  1. al fajr azan clock india

    • Al Fajr Adhan Clock Manual. al harameen azan clock HA 3006.
    • Al-Fajr Wall Clock CW-05 [Al-Fajr Pray]. Al Fajr is just about the best prayer Azan clock on the market in terms of manufacturing quality and design.


  2. Al Fajr Adhan (Azan) Clocks and Watches

    • Al-Fajr Automatic Azan Clock Model CT-01 New 2011 Model with Compass and 5 Adhans!
    • Traditional Learning Texts Imported from India and Pakistan. UK Islamic Academy's Madinah Course + Enrichment titles + Arabic titles.


  3. Al fajr azan clock city codes

    • Al Fajr Clock CW-05 Price in Pakistan is Rs.5,799 as of Sun 02/07/2017. ALFAJR Azan Clock Features : COMPLETE AZAN (for all cities around the world).


  4. Al Fajr Adhan Clock Manual

    • Muslim Azan Clock - Programmable Alarm Clock with 5 Times Azan Clock comes with Instruction Manual, which includes programming Al Fajr Automatic Azan Clock - Model CT-01 - (only black color) with Compass and 5 Adhans!


  5. Al Fajr azan clock - Large Digital Islamic Clock (15" LCD)

    From 29.99 USD. This Al-Fajar clock model is one which is in great demand. It has earned really good reviews from the clients. It also had full Adhan with eight different voices and languages for Muslims.


  6. Al Fajr Azan Clock

    • The Al-Fajr Clock is the next generation in azan clocks.
    • Download the Al-Fajr Clock User Guide by clicking here. COMPLETE AZANS (All cities around the world) The complete azan for all prayers (including full Fajr azan) can be played.


  7. al fajr ezan okuyan saati ayarlama al fajr azan clock adjustment

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  8. HA-3007

    • Characterized AL-HARAMEEN O’clock with A high quality Azan sound for all prayers with azan volume control fitted in all clock models.
    • On the next day, if Fajr azan becomes 5:06 AM, then automatically this alarm will change to 5:16 AM.


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    • Al Fajr Azan Clock Model CJ-07. A high quality digital Azan sound for all prayers (including complete Fajr azan) can be played. With azan volume control fitted in all clock models.  Size 37 X 27 X 3 ...