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Jefferson and Hamilton Quotes


Jefferson and Hamilton Quotes Cut each quote and make enough quotes for every group. “I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That "all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States...

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Quotes


These quotes and your analysis will help you answer the writing prompt.

Thomas Jefferson: vs. Alexander Hamilton


You can blame Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was Washington's secretary of the treasury, and was as unlike Jefferson as you could get.

Quotations by Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson


-Alexander Hamilton, 1795. "Though much an enemy to the system of borrowing, yet I feel strongly the necessity of preserving the power to borrow. Without this, we might be overwhelmed by another nation, merely by the force of its credit." - -Thomas Jefferson to the Commissioners of the Treasury, 1788.

Founding Fathers Quotes - Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton - Quotes and sayings.

Alexander Hamilton


b. Conflicting ideas of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. c. Alien and Sedition Acts. d. Louisiana Purchase.

Jefferson vs. Hamilton – Quotes on Foreign Policies


Thomas Jefferson in the American Government. Many people only think of the Declaration of Independence when they think about Jefferson, but he did much more than that.

Alexander Hamilton Facts


Alexander Hamilton Quotes.

alexander hamilton quotes about jefferson


Jefferson and Hamilton Quotes Cut each quote and make enough quotes for every group.

Here's the Real Story Behind That Famous Alexander Hamilton...


The latter is the case when it comes to the #NeverTrump movement and an old Alexander Hamilton quote they've dug up as the war cry for their cause.


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