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The lac operon of the model bacterium Escherichia coli was the first operon to be discovered and provides a typical example of operon function. It consists of three adjacent structural genes, a promoter, a terminator, and an operator.

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In the operon model, sets of genes operate together to result in the production of a specific protein (enzymes) following the central dogma.

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236 Operon model . Enzyme induction.

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Removal of the repressor from the operator activates the operon. Thus, the operator controls the activity of the operon as a whole.

What is the function of the operator locus of an operon?


Answers. Best Answer: An operator is a segment of DNA which regulates the activity of the structural genes of the operon that it is linked to, by interacting with a specific repressor or activator.

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An operator, which is a component of the operon model, is defined as. A). a short portion of DNA where an active repressor binds, which blocks transcription.

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In the operon model for an inducible system, a regulatory gene codes for the repressor protein. When the inducer is absent, the repressor binds to the operator and no mRNA is synthesized.

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The operon model was proposed by Jacob, Monod, and Wollman based on their genetic and biochemical studies on lactose-requiring mutations of E. coli.

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A typical cell will have only about 10 copies of this protein. 3. In the absence of lactose, the repressor protein binds to the operator, preventing transcription from the second promoter.

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