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Who does not require a tour operator licence?


A tour operator licence is not required for land-based activities that are not part of the tour or activity itself. For example, berthing, mooring and ticketing facilities will not require a tour operator licence.

Texas Department of Insurance | Flame Effects Operator’s License


This permit is not required for the use of Fireworks 1.4G by a retail consumer for private or personal amusement.

Tow Truck / Wrecker Operator License | Saint Paul, Minnesota


This license is not required for operators towing from public property. This license is not required if licensed in another municipality and can prove such license. Also see Tow Truck / Wrecker Vehicle License.

Part 95 Personal Radio Services


These Subparts which require equipment approval but not operator license are the family radio service, radio control service, citizens band service and multi-use radio service. Background of Part 95 is that originally included devices which all required licenses.

However, generally, where a horsebox is used on an


The Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Regulations 1995 identify the classes of vehicle for which an operators licence is not required.

Marine Radio Operator License-Do You Require a License?


The FCC regulates who is required to hold a radio operator’s license and what type of license is needed. This is based on a number of factors including: vessel size, the area of operations, the type of operations, and the type of radio equipment being used.

Q4: Which public water systems require a licensed operator?


The licensed operator must hold a license issued by the Department that is equal or superior to the license required for the system.

When is a Valet Parking Operator License NOT required?


However, a valet parking operator license shall be required when the vehicle or the keys to the vehicle are given to the valet parking attendant on any part of the public way, even if the actual parking of the vehicle is done entirely and solely on the establishment’s premises.

Alcoholic Beverages – Gambling Operator


□ Gambling License Only (Alcoholic Beverage License is not required for Live Keno/Bingo).

HamStart -- Ham Radio License & Exam Resources


An FCC granted amateur radio operator's license is required for operation of an amateur station.


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