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47 CFR 80.177 - When operator license is not required. | US Law


(b) No radio operator license is required to install a VHF transmitter in a ship station if the installation is made by, or under the supervision of, the licensee of the ship station and if modifications to the transmitter other than front panel controls are not made.

However, generally, where a horsebox is used on an


The Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Regulations 1995 identify the classes of vehicle for which an operators licence is not required.

Who requires a Tour Operator Licence? Licensing activities on water


Where a licence-holder engages a third party to deliver some or all of the licensed activities, third parties must also hold a tour operator licence.

Texas Department of Insurance | Flame Effects Operator’s License


This permit is not required for the use of Fireworks 1.4G by a retail consumer for private or personal amusement.

Marine Radio Operator License-Do You Require a License?


The FCC regulates who is required to hold a radio operator’s license and what type of license is needed. This is based on a number of factors including: vessel size, the area of operations, the type of operations, and the type of radio equipment being used.

eHamRadio -- Ham Radio License & Exam Resources


An FCC granted amateur radio operator's license is required for operation of an amateur station.

City Clerk’s Office


An Operator’s License is required for all individuals selling or serving alcohol beverages.

Chapter 39-06 | operators' licenses


2. An individual licensed as an operator may exercise the privilege granted by the license on any highway in this state and may not be required to obtain any other license to exercise the privilege by any political subdivision having authority to adopt police regulations...

General radiotelephone operator license - Wikipedia, the free...


The General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is a license granted by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The GROL does not convey the authority to operate an amateur radio station, for which the FCC has a separate licensing system...

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


PLEASE NOTE: * Beginning with this renewal cycle (2014-2015), no more than 50% of the TCHs required for renewal can be safety-related.

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