MATLAB Central - ??? Operands to the || and && operators must...

But && is only defined for scalars (the operands must be converible to logical *scalar* values), so You Have A Problem.

How do we use operators in SQL

A binary operator appears with its operands in this format: operand1 operator operand2. Other operators with special formats accept more than two operands.

Missing Operand After an Operator. What Is the Difference Between...

Operands. Programmers must take into account the various types of data used in the programming language.

Binary operators appear between operands

Postfix Expressions. Binary operators appear after both operands

[Chapter 4] 4.9 Miscellaneous Operators

Because this operator has three operands, the first goes before the ?, the second goes between the ? and the :, and the third goes after the

Operators in Java by Richard G Baldwin

In Java, the operands must be boolean types, or must have been created by evaluation of an expression that returns a boolean type.

VHDL - Operators

The relational operators allow checking relation between operands, i.e. to state whether they are equal, not equal or are ordered in a way defined by operator (Table 9). Both operands must be of the same type, and the result received is always of the Boolean type.

Unix - shell basic

Total value : 4. There are following points to note down − There must be spaces between operators and expressions for example 2+2 is not correct, where as it should be written as 2 + 2. Complete expression should be

[Chapter 4] 4.9 Equality Comparison Operators

In order to perform this type of comparison, it must be possible to cast the value of one of the operands to the type of the other operand, or a compile-time error occurs.

The Semantics of the Relational Algebra Operators

Each operand of an operator must be a relvalue – expressed as a literal relvalue, a relvar, or a relational algebra expression1 – and the result

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