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  1. Arminius - Wikipedia

    Arminius (German: Hermann; 18/17 BC – AD 21) was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe who famously led an allied coalition of Germanic tribes to a decisive victory against three Roman legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD.


  2. Jacobus Arminius - Wikipedia

    Jacobus Arminius (October 10, 1560 – October 19, 1609), the Latinized name of the Dutch theologian Jakob Hermanszoon from the Protestant Reformation period, served from 1603 as professor in theology at the University of Leiden.


  3. Arminius - Ancient History Encyclopedia

    • Arminius turns against Rome. Arminius and Segimer’s goodwill was but a farce, meant to fool Varus until it was time to throw off the Roman yoke.


  4. Arminius | German leader | Britannica.com

    • A revolt in Pannonia (ad 6–9) interrupted it, and, in ad 9, German tribes under Arminius annihilated Quinctilius Varus and three legions in the Teutoburg Forest.


  5. SMS Arminius - Wikipedia

    SMS Arminius was an ironclad warship of the Prussian Navy, later the Imperial German Navy. The ship was designed by the British Royal Navy Captain Cowper Coles and built by the Samuda Brothers shipyard in Cubitt Town, London as a speculative effort...


  6. Jacobus Arminius | Theopedia

    • Jacobus Arminius. from The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.


  7. Arminius (18/17 BC – AD 21), also known as Armin or Hermann (Arminius being a Latinization...

    Arminius (18/17 BC – AD 21), also known as Armin or Hermann (Arminius being a Latinization, similar to Brennus), was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.


  8. Arminius - The Full Wiki

    • Gaius Julius Arminius,[1] also known as Arminius, Armin or Hermann (b. 18 BC/17 BC in Magna Germania; d. AD 21 in Germania)...


  9. Jacobus Arminius - New World Encyclopedia

    • Jacobus Arminius, also called Jacob Arminius, James Arminius, and his Dutch name Jacob
    • Arminius enrolled at Leiden at the age of 17. Arminius remained at Leiden from 1576 to 1582.


  10. Arminius — Universalium

    Arminius /ahr min"ee euhs/, n. 1. (Hermann) 17? B.C.-A.D. 21, Germanic hero who defeated Roman army A.D. 9. 2. Jacobus /jeuh koh"beuhs/, (Jacob Harmensen), 1560-1609, Dutch Protestant theologian. * * *. ▪ German leader German Hermann born 18 BC…