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  1. Astana – Астана | Топик по английскому языку с переводом

    • Топик по английскому языку на тему Astana - Астана. Текст про Астану составлен с переводом на русский язык.
    • The city was founded in 1830 and its first name was Akmolinsk, then in 1961 it
    • Architecture and sights. Astana is a beautiful modern city. The author of the Master Plan of Astana is...


  2. Топик по английскому Astana

    • Перевод песен. Подборки слов. Разговорник. Переводчик. Анекдоты.
    • Astana. Топик Астана рассказывает о столице Республики Казахстан.
    • Later on it got its present name Astana.


  3. топик на тему астана - Школьные Знания.com

    • 1 тема A VISIT TO ASTANA там в низу 2 тема Astana is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Who said that “West is West, East is East, and they will never come together”?
    • With its beautiful and high buildings our capital competes with Tokyo, New York and Dubai.


  4. Astana sights and tourist attractions

    • Tourist attractions and sights in Astana, the modern capital of Kazakhstan.
    • It can be called one of the Astana latest landmarks, because its architect was famous Norman Foster, who had designed many structures not only in Astana, but also in London and many other world’s country.


  5. Top-10 sightseeings of Astana that are worth to visit | Корпоративный блог Kazakh TV | Your Vision – блоги в Казахстане

    • On the map are 14 provinces and 2 cities of republican significance: Astana and Almaty.
    • The volume of water in the aquarium - 3 million liters. For its creation were specially imported 120 tons of sea salt.


  6. Astana - топик на английском

    • Перевод. Теория. Грамматика.
    • Later on it got its present name Astana.
    • Идиомы. Анекдоты. Топики. Тексты песен. Пословицы.


  7. Сочинение на английском языке Астана/ Astana с переводом на русский язык бесплатно

    • For a long time the town was famous for its fairs and trade connections. People from all corners of Central Asia travelled there to buy and sell the goods.
    • The sights of the city are especially attractive. Among them, the Bayterek Tower, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, the Nur Astana Mosque...


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    • astana and its sights топик с переводом | топик на тему астана... Школьные Знания.com.
    • Astana - топик, сочинение на английском языке. vitalion.kz/web.php?q=astana topic с переводом. нужен топик про Астану.


  9. Kazakhstan - Города, страны - Топики на английском - Изучаем английский язык. Топик с переводом

    • Переводы, переводчики.
    • To the south lies its fraternal Republics – Kyrgyzia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, to the north and to the west lies Russia.
    • In 1998 the government of the country decided to change the name of the capital into Astana, what means “capital” in Kazakh language.


  10. Kazakhstan – Казахстан | Топик по английскому языку с переводом

    • Топик по английскому языку на тему Kazakhstan – Казахстан. Текст составлен с переводом на
    • Its territory is mainly formed of steppe, taiga, deserts, canyons and snow-covered mountains.
    • The capital of the country is Astana. It’s a modern cosmopolitan city with plenty of architectural sights.