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And nothing that's anything like them can be found anywhere else in the world. Australian Desert Facts.

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Australian Climate - Deserts. In arid inland Australia - commonly known as the Outback and in the map shown as zones with hot, dry summers - the differences between day and night temperatures and also between summer and winter are a lot bigger than along the coasts.

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Northern Territory climate is in two zones, the tropical north which includes Darwin, and the desert environment of Central Australia.

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Australian Desert Facts. 70% of the Australian mainland is classified as semi-arid, arid or desert; making it the driest inhabited continent on Earth. Only Antarctica is drier.

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Australian Climate Facts. The southern parts of Australia have distinctive four seasons, however, opposed to those in the northern hemisphere.

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Australian deserts, climatic aspects of australia's deserts.

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Category: Climate. A desert is a region that has a very low level of precipitation.

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FAST FACTS. OFFICIAL NAME: Commonwealth of Australia.

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9 Ways to Get Around the Australian Outback. Outback Climate & Weather.

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A total of 18% of Australia's mainland consists of named deserts,[8] while additional areas are considered to have a desert climate based on low rainfall and high temperature.

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