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  1. australian desert climate facts

    • Australian Climate Facts. The southern parts of Australia have distinctive four seasons, however, opposed to those in the northern hemisphere.
    • Australian deserts, climatic aspects of australia's deserts.


  2. The Australian Deserts - Facts, Information, Outback Travel Advice

    • And nothing that's anything like them can be found anywhere else in the world. Australian Desert Facts.
    • While climate change means most of Australia is experiencing the worst draught ever, it also means that rainfall in the Australian desert is increasing!


  3. Climate of Australia | Australian Facts

    • Northern Territory climate is in two zones, the tropical north which includes Darwin, and the desert environment of Central Australia.
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    • General Facts & Figures. The Australian States.


  4. Interesting Facts for Kids 4:- What is the climate of the Australian Deserts?

    • Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Australian Desert Camel Facts Although camels can be found living in the Australian deserts, they are not native to Australia.
    • Camels adapt well to the harsh climate conditions of the Australians deserts.


  5. Australian Climate, Australian Weather | Australian Climate - Deserts

    • Australian Climate - Deserts. In arid inland Australia - commonly known as the Outback and in the map shown as zones with hot, dry summers - the differences between day and night temperatures and also between summer and winter are a lot bigger than along the coasts.
    • Outback Facts.


  6. Will the Australian Desert Turn Green? Climate Change In The Outback

    • The Australian Desert And Climate Change Will The Outback Turn Green?
    • Giles is a small Australian desert weather station, located at the corner where Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory meet.
    • Outback Facts.


  7. Facts about Australia - The Australian States

    • Facts about Australia introduces you to the Australian states, their highlights, general facts, and capital cities.
    • The rest of the year is usually dry. The central part of Western Australia has a semi-arid or desert climate.


  8. Australian Facts - climate, population and other facts about Australia

    • Australian Climate Facts. The southern parts of Australia have distinctive four seasons, however, opposed to those in the northern hemisphere.
    • The centre has typical desert climate, hot days and cold nights, which can be freezing in winter.


  9. Australian climate - Weather Facts and Climate Zones in Australia

    • That's why I have researched information about the Australian weather and general climate facts for you. Because Australia is such a big country
    • the central and northern parts of South Australia, as well as the far west of Queensland New South Wales belong to Australia's dry and desert regions.


  10. Interesting Great Victoria Desert Facts | Fact 8: The Great Victoria Desert climate is hot and dry but plants still manages to grow and survive.

    • Find out important information about the location, climate, plant life, vegetation, wildlife and size of the Great Victoria Desert.
    • Australian Deserts Fact File for Kids:- Name: Great Victoria Desert *** Average Summer Temperature: 30-40 degrees Celsius *** Average Winter Temperature: 20-25...