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  1. Azazel was a powerful demon and a Prince of Hell who served Lucifer. Until Sin City, Azazel's...

    Azazel was a powerful demon and a Prince of Hell who served Lucifer. Until Sin City, Azazel's name was not revealed and he was referred to by nicknames such as The Demon, The Yellow-Eyed Demon, or Yellow Eyes.


  2. Azazel

    • The name ‘Azazel’ may be derived from ‘azaz’ and ‘el’ meaning ‘strong one of God.’
    • Azazel is also the name of the demon that serves Mark the heretic.


  3. Azazel Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary

    • What is Azazel? Definition and meaning:AZAZEL a-za'-zel (`aza'zel apopompaios; the King
    • But a demon of this kind could not possibly be placed in contrast to Yahweh in this way; and as in the Book...


  4. Yellow Eyed Demon (Azazel) vs. Lillith Supernatural battle - Battles - Comic Vine | Forum

    • Lillith might be the first human being transformed into a demon, but angels were created long before men. "Azazel" means “God strengthens” in Hebrew...


  5. azazel demon meaning

    • has allowed to define such systems as secondary semiotic .... is obligatory when retranslating the meaning ..... demon of Jewish mythology Azazel, the evil.


  6. Azazel (Character) - Comic Vine

    • Azazel was the first enemy in the series. He rallies a demon-horde to take control of the after-life.
    • abilities allowing Azazel to disguise his appearance through some unknown means and Azazel has...


  7. Azazel (アザゼル Azazeru) is the main antagonist of Tekken 6. It is the second Tekken villain, after...

    • Azazel quite literally means "hell" (עזאזל) in Hebrew. The term also refers to a mountain from which
    • It is thought that Azazel as a demon ("absolute removal", a more emphatic form of azel/"removal") is a...


  8. Azazel

    • The exact meaning of Azazel was a point of dispute already in the times of the talmudic sages
    • This view is reinforced by the widespread belief that the wilderness was the habitat of demons (see Lev.


  9. Azazel - Super-wiki

    Azazel is a Yellow-Eyed Demon, one of the Generals of Hell commanding the demon army, and seemingly the only one still active by 2007. He was the first supernatural creature and the first demon who appeared in the series.


  10. Azazel - Wikipedia

    Azazel (/əˈzəzɛl/) (Hebrew: עֲזָאזֵל‎, translit. ʿAzazel‎; Arabic: عزازيل‎, translit. ʿAzāzīl‎) appears in the Bible in association with the scapegoat rite. In some traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it is the name for a demon.