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Azazel [ə-ˈzā-zəl], also spelled Azazael (Hebrew: עֲזָאזֵל, Azazel; Arabic: عزازيل , Azāzīl) appears in the Bible in association with the scapegoat rite. In some traditions of Judaism and Christianity, it is the name for a fallen angel.

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BDB Theological Dictionary and HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament refer to an Arabic verb azala, meaning to banish or remove. BDB is usually a bit careful with translating names but in this case firmly states Entire Removal as meaning for Azazel.


In Islam, "Azazel" is still a name that is popularly used for the Devil. Other Islamic names for the Devil include Iblis (which means "Doubt" in Arabic) and Shaitan (the Arabic equivalent to "Satan," meaning "adversary").

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AZAZEL (עֲזָאזֵל). Hebrew form of Arabic Azazil (عزازل), meaning "removed, separated." One of the jinn made of smokeless fire.

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Azazel [ə-ˈzā-zəl], also known as Azazael or Azâzêl is a term used three times in the Hebrew scriptures, and later in Hebrew mythology as the enigmatic name of a demonic character. The meaning of Azazel is that of "who God strengthens".

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_II. What is done in connection with azazel_. 1. The Significance of This Action. 2. The Jewish Liturgy. _I. The Meaning of the Word_.

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Azazel (Aramaic: רמשנאל, Hebrew: עזאזל, Aze'ezel Arabic: عزازل "Azazil") is an enigmatic name from the Hebrew scriptures and Apocrypha, where the name is

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Azazel is also known as Azazil in Arabic. He became known as Iblis (meaning "despair" or "the despaired"), the Deceiver, when he was banished from Heaven after disobeying by refusing to bow to Adam on God's command.

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