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CD54HC4060, CD74HC4060

In order to achieve a symmetrical waveform in the oscillator section the HCT4060 input pulse switch points are the same as in the HC4060; only the MR input in the HCT4060 has TTL switching levels.

#4060b0 is the mix of 25% of magenta, 31.3% of blue... -

#4060b0 can be obtained by mixing 4 colors: 4 drops of magenta, 5 drops of blue, 5 drops of cyan, 2 drops of black. Nearest safe hex - #336699. Below you can see the block with #4060b0 color and its structure: in procentage ratio and in drops of pigments.


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H CF 4060 bc 1. Description. The HCC4060B (extended temperature range) and HCF4060B (intermediate temperature range) are monolithic integrated circuit, available in 16-lead dual in line plastic or ceramic package and plastic micropackage.

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