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Why backup the entire wallet.dat then? Because restoring the wallet.dat saves you the step of importing the keys from the command line.

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MultiBit Classic will place the backup files in a sub-directory created in the same directory as wherever you created the wallet.

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Setting up a cloud backup service is straightforward and for small amounts of data (under 2GB) it is often free. We would strongly urge you to consider SpiderOak for its end to end encryption.

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I have several encrypted wallets in use on Multibit. When i backup fron the appdata/Multibit folder i do i ONLY need to backup the Multibit.wallet file only ?

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I have a couple of bitcoins but my older computer crashed. But I had a backup of my wallet. Months passed and one day I decided to download the official client and sell my Bitcoins.

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You MUST backup your wallet.dat files I crudely implemented a daily wallet backup system on my pc that allows me to upload all my different wallet.dat files to cloud storage.

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MultiBit Wallet. Blockchain Importable format. Backup your private keys in a format that would not be as complicated as wallet.dat and less possible to be corrupted.

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You can backup your wallet.dat file, complete several transactions and keep using the new addresses to receive money with no problems. At some point, probably about 100 transactions (sending and receiving) you will start using key pairs that are not in your backed up wallet.dat file.

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Unfortunately, testing backup recovery is not easy in MultiBit. The next two paragraphs describe a procedure to simulate a clean MultiBit installation. Use it only on a backed-up wallet containing a trivial amount of bitcoin, and only if you feel comfortable modifying system files.

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