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Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (/bəˈkuːnɪn/; Russian: Михаил Александрович Бакунин; IPA: [mʲɪxɐˈil bɐˈkunʲɪn]; 30 May [O.S. 18 May] 1814 – 1 July 1876) was a Russian revolutionary anarchist, and founder of collectivist anarchism.

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Bakunin (Russian: Баку́нин; masculine) or Bakunina (Баку́нина; feminine) is a Russian last name. There are two theories regarding the origins of this last name. According to the first one, it is a variety of the last name Abakumov, which is derived from a patronymic...

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He escaped to London (1861), where he opposed Karl Marx. Bakunin's theories of anarchy are considered the antithesis of Marx's communism.

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Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (Russian—Михаил Александрович Бакунин, Michel Bakunin—on the grave in Bern), (May 18 (May 30 N.S.), 1814–June 19 (July 1 N.S.), 1876) was a...

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Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (Russian: Михаил Александрович Бакунин) (May 30, 1814 – July 1, 1876) was a Russian political philosopher, anarchist, and noted atheist. FREEDOM, the realization of freedom: who can deny that this is what today heads the agenda of history? …

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Mikhail Bakunin (30 May 1814 – 1 July 1876) was a Russian anarchist and opponent of Karl Marx✡ in the First International. Like his fellow anarchist Proudhon, Bakunin was Jew-wise and patriotic. Born in the Russian Empire to a family of Russian nobles...

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For the television character, see Characters of Lost. Mikhail Bakunin Born Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin May 30, 1814(1814 05 30) Pryamukhino (near.

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Basic Bakunin. Republished from the (British) Anarchist Communist Federation's original pamphlet in 1993 by P.A.C. (Paterson Anarchist Collective) Publications.

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Early life. Bakunin was the eldest son of a small landowner in the province of Tver. His lifetime of revolt began when he was sent to the Artillery School in St...

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