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Slow Download? Hello! i recently had to re-install WoW, I left it over night, when i went to bed there was 4,4 GB left, so i tought i would play meanwhile it downloaded, now there us 7,7 GB left.

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Anyone who is stuck on 0 B/S or slow download speed | Forum update the new patch due to the patcher being stuck on 0 B/S or just downloading very slow. https

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The first problem is fixed now, this was the crashing of the agent. Now i can download the new patch, but im getting a very slow download speed, down to 0b/s.

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Загрузка клиентов. Приложение Программа установки. Русский (Изменить). download speed extremely slow. - Forums -

My average download speed tested on Steam was 3mb/s and on IDM was 3,7mb/s. I also tried to add and HotS into windows firewall and enable inbound rules but nothing was improved. Client Download Slow

How To Fix Battle.Net Slow Download [QUICK TUTORIAL] [HD]. Hey everyone, in this tutorial I'll be showing you how to fix the terrible slow download at about 10kb/ps.

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You can buy the WinDVD Pro download battle slow-downs not. Corel Customer Support and Service to indicate you and ordered embedded that an form was watermarked you the fibre alliance you was...

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my battlenet is very slow to open and it keeps trying to connect and saying it cant even though i can play

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