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I just found out one way to run File in Hive Beeline.

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Use the following to run the file using Beeline. Replace HOSTNAME with the name obtained earlier for the head node, and PASSWORD with the password for the admin account

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hive command-line will bypass sentry security! Connect with Beeline.

HiveServer2 Clients - Apache Hive - Apache Software Foundation

Beeline – Command Line Shell.

Migrating from Hive CLI to Beeline: A Primer - Cloudera Engineering...

Why was “!” chosen to run “normal” beeline commands – when doing so is the natural way to run shell commands?

Using rlwrap with Apache Hive beeline for improved readline functionality

As a quick-start, run beeline without rlwrap, hit tab-twice and then ‘y’ to show all options and paste the resulting list into a text file (eg beeline_autocomplete.txt).


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run. rush. scamper.

beeline | Running Unit Tests

}); bee.staticDir(path, mimeTypes[, maxage=31536000]): This is utility method is used to expose directories of files.

Files installed by USB-modem Beeline - Should I Remove It?

Files installed by USB-modem Beeline. Program executable: Launcher.exe.

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