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  1. What is kendles middle nameKendle from Big Time Rush

    • His middle name is named after this grandma :) .. kendall francis schmidt <3.
    • If your on facebook then you can like Big Time Rush pages and they give you info on how to meet them. If your on twitter and you follow all the members, then they say where th…ere goin and where yo can meet them.


  2. What is Corlos middle name form Big Time Rush

    • Carlos's Middle name is Roberto.
    • What are the real names of the Big Time Rush boys? James Maslow Kendall Schmidt Logan Henderson Carlos Pena.


  3. What is kendall from Big Time Rush's middle name

    • What is Carlos from Big Time Rush's middle name?
    • What are big time rush's club penguin names? Kendall's is Pengyman73 on Btr They posted it on Facebook!


  4. What is Logan from Big Time Rush middle name

    • How plays Logan in Big Time Rush? Logan actually is played by Logan Henderson.
    • What is Logans real name from Big Time Rush?


  5. What is Carlos from Big Time Rush's middle name

    • Answer by Bobbilicous. Confidence votes 20. Carlos' middle name is Roberto.
    • What are the names of Big Time Rush's songs? Big Time Rush, Big Night, Famous, Worldwide, Till I Forget About You, Stuck, Oh Yeah, Nothing Even Matters, Boyfriend, I Know You Know, Shot In The Dark, The City Is...


  6. What are the big time members middle name | Kendall's is Francis, James' is David, Carlos' is Roberto, and Logan's is Philip. (:.

    • What is Big Time Rush kendells middle name? its Frances and u spelled Kendall wrong.
    • In WWE World Wrestling Entertainment. What is big shows middle name? Jeffrey.


  7. big time rush middle names

    • In Big Time Rush, Kendall is "the leader of the band."
    • Which of these is the middle name of Charles - The big time rush...


  8. What is Big Time Rush kendells middle name | its Frances and u spelled Kendall wrong.

    • Who is the sister of kendell on Big Time Rush? Her real name is Ciara Bravo !
    • How is the old kingdom coffin different from the middle kingdom coffins?


  9. Big Time Rush Members - Big Time Rush Fan Page

    • -His middle name is Roberto, aweh!
    • -Ever notice in opening credits for Big Time Rush, Carlos jumps up and does what cheerleaders call a 'spread eagle'? Well, thats because he was a cheerer for three years!


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    • Official Big Time Rush Calendar 2012 eBook.