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  1. biking to work in dc

    • total number of annual bike trips more than tripled, while the bike's share of ... Commuting cyclists have also increased in number, with twice as many biking to work in ... Washington, DC, Boulder, Colorado, Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon.


  2. Biking to Work Increasing in Taipei and DC

    • Biking to Work Increasing in Taipei and DC. February 08, 2014. Embed code.


  3. DC Mythbusting: Bike Myths | We Love DC

    • Is DC a bike-friendly city? Is it legal to ride on sidewalks in the District? And how does one go about starting to bike to work?
    • And check out the Commuter Connections guide to biking to work in DC for help on the logistics of riding to work.


  4. Biking to work in the city - bicycle safety commuting | Ask MetaFilter

    • I bike downtown from Columbia Heights daily, and I would say that riding in DC during rush hour is a killer form of assertiveness training.
    • Toronto is scary for biking, but I've found that it works fine as long as you realize that you are absolutely invisible to anyone else except other cyclists.


  5. District of Columbia | Biking to Work More Than Tripled in Just Over a Decade in Washington, DC

    • Washington, DC had 4.1 percent of commuters bike to work in 2012, ac-cording to the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) statistics which focused on commuting patterns of workers 16 years and over.


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  7. What are some tips about biking to work in winter? - Quora

    • The biggest hurdle is starting! Once you do it a few times the mental block goes away. I used to bike so much I sold my car in DC, and for four years only ha...
    • A note for Bay Area winter biking: I know it seems cold and rainy this time of year, but I’ve been biking to work since last winter and rain impacts...


  8. Bike to Work Day | Washington Area Bicyclist Association

    • ...bicyclists across the region, as well as encourage BTWD participants to show their support for better biking and WABA’s advocacy work by becoming a WABA
    • In 2016, a record breaking 17,583 people registered for Bike to Work Day, with 83 pit stops across the region in DC, Maryland and Virginia.


  9. How Much Can I Save Biking to Work?

    • Tool | May 2016. How Much Can I Save Biking to Work? When you bike to work, it might feel like your commute is uphill both ways — until you realize the added weight
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  10. Bikeshare coming to NYC next year, but should we use it? DC bikers say ‘yes!’

    • DC bikers weigh in on how it's working.
    • Biking in New York isn’t all beach days, Prospect Park loops and Goonies screenings. It can also be incredibly frustrating, not to mention life threatening.