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REAL CELEBRITIES IN VK.COM. delete. Big Time Rush | Official public☑ . WELCOME,RUSHERS!!! Kendall Schmidt ...

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Kendall Schmidt of BTR Q&A

Kendall says BTR plays with a lot of heart.

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Kendall(@btr.kendall) Instagram photos | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

User blog:The Rush/BTR without Kendall. - Big Time Rush Wiki - Wikia

So it's Kendall an improvement to BTR? (Me:YES!) There's a few video of the Unaired "Big Time Audition" who real name was Brand New Day.

Is kendall from btr gay

As you may know, his real name is Logan Henderson. On the show, his fake name is Logan Mitchell. < logans name on the show is hortence, but mrs diamond(james mom) told the guy…s to call him logan>.

Check this out to see if you! Yes you are a true Btr rusher

Good now what is their REAL names ? Kendall Schmidt, Logan Lerman, James Diamond, and Carlos Garcia.

BTR: Kendall x James by Pelissa on DeviantArt

I have to train it again... and train drawing Kendall and Ja... BTR: Kendall x James.

Jo Btr

Whats her real names katelynfanpop original new relationship. Elevator, with her door and has stated that anyone wants. Show of my other btr stories for months in that. Merrycrissmasdarling tv big time words, knight kendall schmidt.

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