Human Hamster Ball

Human Hamster Ball is a meaningful and challenging activity. It's very exciting and interesting.It is a double layer ball, the outer ball is about 3.0m diameter and the inner ball is about 2.0m diameter.

Human Hamster Ball

1500 USD. Travel over virtually any terrain just like your little pet rodent in the human hamster ball. Built from a reinforced translucent material, the hamster ball lets you roll around safely inside of a bubble that provides a breathtaking view of the nauseating world around you.

Where to buy a human hamster ball

These guys are the inventors of the "zorb" or the "human hamster ball". They have sites where you c…an ride the OGO down a hill in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, USA as well as in the United Kingdom.

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175 USD. Human hamster ball is the name. Color is clear. Product size: 1.5m diameter. Contains a human of 165cm-190cm. CE, SGS certification accorded. Accessories: carry bag for each ball, repair kit.

What Is A Human Hamster Ball?

A human hamster ball is an enlarged version of a typical ball that hamsters run in to turn. When you walk in the human hamster ball, you cause it to continue moving. You can buy human hamster balls online in several locations.

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Our Giant Hamster Balls are a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of 360 degree fun. Whether standing up or sitting down, you'll have a blast rolling around on just about any surface. For even more fun, add a second hamster ball to create competitions.

Human Hamster Balls

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...Zorb Ball Manufacturer, You Can Buy High Quality Human Hamster Ball Products Directly from - China Human Hamster.

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