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Once the magnetic field has been calculated, the magnetic force expression can be used to calculate the force. The direction is obtained from the right hand rule. Note that two wires carrying current in the same direction attract each other, and they repel if the currents are opposite in direction.

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The diagrams showing forces between current carrying wires gave a good idea of how something

calculate the force between two wires each

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We use our results to calculate an experi

1. Calculate the force between two wires each 0.5 m long, carrying 10 A current in opposite directions and separated by 3 mm, ignoring Earth’s magnetic eld.

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Magnets exert forces and torques on each other due to the complex rules of electromagnetism. The forces of attraction field of magnets are due to microscopic currents of electrically charged electrons orbiting nuclei and the intrinsic magnetism of fundamental particles (such as electrons)...

Electromagnetism Extra Study Questions

2. What is the force of repulsion between two small spheres 1.0 m apart, if each has a charge of 1.0 × 10–12 C?

Magnetic Fields produced by long straight current-carrying wires

3. Calculate the force of attraction or repulsion between two long current-carrying wires.


The force between two parallel, current carrying wires is given by. where are the currents in the wires, is the length of each wire, is the distance between the wires, and .

Magnetic Force between Two Parallel Conductors · Physics

The force between two long straight and parallel conductors separated by a distance. r size 12{r} {}.

TAP 412- 4: Forces on currents in magnetic fields

4. What is the force between two wires placed 0.2 m apart in a vacuum each carrying a current of 5 A.

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