Forces between currents | Magnetic Force Between Wires

Magnetic Force Between Wires. The magnetic field of an infinitely long straight wire can be obtained by applying Ampere's law.

Force between two parallel wires

Figure 1.9: Force between two long straight parallel wires. Wire #2 will experience a magnetic field of Eq.(1.6) due to wire #1 given by.

Chapter 30 - Magnetic Fields | Calculating Force on Wires

Force Between Parallel Wires.

Magnetic Force - Definition, Right Hand Rule, Calculating & Examples

We could discuss and calculate the force on a magnetic dipole due to the non uniform magnetic field. The magnetic potential changes as and when we move a magnetic dipole from a region of low magnetic field to a region where the magnetic

Forces on current-carrying wires in magnetic elds

3. Fields of long current-carrying wires a. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the eld at a point in the vicinity of such a wire. b. Use superposition to determine the magnetic eld produced by two long wires. c. Calculate the force of attraction or repulsion between two long current-carrying wires.


To investigate the magnetic force between two parallel current-carrying wires and determine the magnetic permeability of free space, µo.

(C) Magnetic force between two parallel current-carrying wires...

Is the magnetic force between the two wires repulsive or attractive?

Chapter 9 | Example 9.1: Magnetic Field due to a Finite Straight Wire

9.2 Force Between Two Parallel Wires We have already seen that a current-carrying wire produces a magnetic field.

II. Magnetic Force on Moving Charges and Current-Carrying Wires...

2. Forces on current-carrying wires in magnetic fields: Students should understand the force exerted on a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field, so they can: a. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the force on a straight segment of

Magnetism – Proof of Concept | Force between wires

To test the theory out, we’ll look at the magnetic force between parallel wires. Suppose we have two parallel wires as shown below: The wires carry currents of I1 and I2 respectively and are separated by a distance D. What will be the magnetic force F experienced by each wire per unit...

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