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  1. How to Install and Run ChromeOS in Virtualbox (Mac/Windows)

    • We took the leap and installed the OS below.
    • Step Two: Creation. Now we’re going to create the virtual machine. Open Virtualbox and create a new VM.
    • Of course, you could always just run Chrome on the host operating system.


  2. How to Install Google Chrome OS into VirtualBox

    • Earlier, Google released Chrome OS virtual appliance and now they’ve confirmed the release of Chromium Operating System for virtual machine.
    • You have successfully installed the Google Chrome OS into your VirtualBox.


  3. How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC on VirtualBox - Techsviewer

    • Install VirtualBox 5. Step 3: Create New Virtual Machine. Name: OS X El Capitan Final Type: Mac OS X Version: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan (64 bit) Memory size is 4 GB( min 2.56 GB) Image: OS X El Capitan Retail.vmdk.


  4. Tutorial: How to run Chrome OS in VirtualBox – ChromeOS-Blog

    • Google has finally released an early version of its new open source operating system Chrome OS.
    • Sun Virtual Box, a free virtualization software for Windows, OS X, Linux or Solaris. A Chrome OS image. 2. Install VirtualBox.


  5. How to try out ChromeOS in Virtualbox, and find out if a Chromebook is right for you | Digital Trends

    • Install VirtualBox, then download CloudReady’s virtual ChromeOS machine.
    • In the window that opens, click System, then make sure Enable EFI (Special OSes only) is checked.
    • Click Continue, and the system will install the latest version of Chrome.


  6. Install Google Chrome OS on Virtual Box in Windows 10 | Notes

    • Here’s how you can install Chromium Operating System in Oracle Virtual Box on Microsoft Windows 10.
    • CloudReady_Free_x64_Virtualbox.ova (1.09 GB in size). A download link for CloudReady Chrome OS file (an older version) for Virtual Box (if working)


  7. Step Two: Install OS X in VirtualBox

    • Before we install OS X, we’ll need to set up VirtualBox so the OS X install disc can boot correctly.
    • Give your new virtual machine a name (I just called it “Mac OS X”) and set the operating system to “Mac OS X Server (64-bit)“.


  8. [Pro Guide] Install Android LolliPop 5.1 on VirtualBox, Windows 10,8.1

    • This guide shows the step by steps to install Android 5.1 Lollipop on Windows 10 PC by using Oracle VirtualBox.
    • Check out these laptops which are under 200 US dollars that come with Google Chrome OS.


  9. cara install chrome os di virtualbox

    • Earlier, Google released Chrome OS virtual appliance and now they’ve confirmed the release of Chromium Operating System for virtual machine.
    • Video: Install Chrome OS In VirtualBox. By Sahas Katta. November 20, 2009 12:50 AM.


  10. Install Chrome OS on VirtualBox | Keyables

    • Wednesday, January 4, 2012. Install Chrome OS on VirtualBox.
    • Download the Chromium OS .vdi file (VirtualBox type) and extract it. Open VirtualBox then click New. Enter a VM name, select Linux under Operating System and Other Linux under Version.