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The company One Fast Cat is using the site to garner funding for their idea, which is basically a hamster wheel for felines. Domestic cats can easily get bored in the house, but a project on Kickstarter aims to solve that problem.

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In a way I hate the idea of the Toy-Go-Round cat hamster wheel because really the only kinds of cats I like are the lazy fat ones that look as if they might go into cardiac arrest if they even stood up. But in another way, look at that cat running on a hamster wheel in the video!

One Fast Cat is a feline-sized hamster wheel for your cat's exercise


Scroll down for video. Get those paws moving: The One Fast Cat exercise wheel (pictured) is designed exactly like a hamster wheel, and offers indoor cats a way to get some exercise into their not-so-busy daily regimes.

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Makers of the new Cat Exercise Wheel!


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Kickstarter For Cat Hamster Wheel Raises 120,000 Dollars


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Funny moment cat faceplants whilst running on giant hamster wheel


By Telegraph Video, video source Jukin. 7:54PM GMT 07 Jan 2016. A pet cat has had a bit of a shock after jumping on a giant hamster wheel for a run. After eating a hearty meal, three cats obviously wanted to burn some calories.

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Cat exercise wheel. Intelligent cat exerciser. Hamster Party Cam. Take pictures and video of the hamsters, triggered by their movement. Train your rat: behavioural science at home. Skinner boxes are a kind of apparatus used for conditioning and training.

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