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Choosing a Dwarf Hamster Cage


Style of Dwarf Hamster Cage. Your main choices will be between a wire cage (usually on a plastic base), a plastic modular cage (the kind with many compartments and tubes), or an aquarium (with a secure mesh lid).

Chinese Dwarf Hamster Care


A Chinese dwarf hamster is an overly active pet and watching their activities is a pleasant experience for all pet owners. However, you have to take good care of them when in captivity. Read this article to get enough information on Chinese dwarf hamster care.

Dwarf Hamster - Facts & Care Sheet


Like Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters are nocturnal - they spend most of the day sleeping and become active in the evening and at night. There are three different species of dwarf hamster: Chinese, Russian and Roborovski.

How to Care for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters: 12 Steps


How to Care for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters. Chinese dwarf hamsters are small nocturnal rodents that are about 4 inches in length when they are full grown. With their short coats and somewhat longer tails...

Dwarf Hamsters (Robo, Winter White, Chinese, Russian)


larger, Syrian cousins, dwarf hamsters are happiest living in groups of two or more. It is sometimes difficult to introduce new dwarf hamsters to each other, so it is best to purchase them at the same time from the same cage at the pet store.

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Hamsters. Chinese Dwarf Hamster.

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For instance, many hamster cages are actually meant for the smaller dwarf hamster, and thus space becomes an issue if you plan on housing a Syrian hamster. Furthermore, many hamster cages look very beautiful but actually aren’t very practical when put in use.

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These are homemade cages, so they are always really cheap.

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Hamster cages with tube connectors, such as Crittertrail, Habitrail or Critter Universe cages can provide a fun, expandable habitat for dwarf hamsters where the sky is the limit as far as how you configure your cage.

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