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  1. Marchioro Kevin 82 – An Ideal Large Syrian Hamster Cage

    • Budget – Cheap Hamster Cages. Your hamster habitat should be the biggest investment you buy for your hamster.
    • $ Another great option are homemade bin cages – They can be made very cheaply and suit both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.


  2. Housing – The Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster

    • Some good cheap hamster toys and chews include cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, and cereal boxes.
    • Sunflower Seeds & Peanuts (Give very sparingly as they are high in fat). Housing – The Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster.


  3. cheap syrian hamster cages - Google Search

    • 2016's Best Cheap Hamster Cages - Hamster cage guide.
    • Syrian hamster or a couple of dwarfs! You will rarely find it inside stores. It is a perfect size for a lone Syrian hamster and more than meets the minimum size requirements for the USA and Europe.


  4. Syrian Hamster Guide - Detailed Info + Care & Feeding

    • Hamster Cage Finder UK.
    • The Syrian hamster is one of the most adorable small pets that many American families love. These hamsters are also popularly known as Golden Hamsters or Teddy Bear Hamsters (the long-haired variety) and are likely the most popular hamster varieties kept as pets.


  5. Hamster Housing - National Hamster Council | Syrian Hamsters

    • The first and most important thing to remember about Syrian hamsters is ONE HAMSTER ONE CAGE.
    • A play box is a good idea and a cheap one can be made from a plastic water tank, storage box, or an even cheaper one from the boxes televisions come in.


  6. Best Syrian Hamster Cages

    • For Syrian hamsters, a larger cage is necessary as they thrive in large amounts of space. This may restrict you to wire cages, as plastic cages simply cannot offer large amounts of space. Unfortunately, that also appeals to almost all cheap hamster cages.


  7. How to Set Up a Hamster Cage: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    • [1] Bin cages are cheap and big; look up "how to make a hamster bin cage" and a lot of videos and articles will show up.
    • Syrian and Chinese hamsters can NOT be kept together in one cage as they are very territorial and WILL fight.


  8. Large Habitat Hamster Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Rat Wire Cage W23 D14 H15.7

    • Best Hamster Cage Reviews - TOP 5 Hamster Cages in 2017. Things to Consider: Buying Cages for Syrian Hamster - The Spruce. Product - Ware Manufacturing Carefresh Mouse and Hamster Cage Kit.


  9. Rotastak Genus 200: a cheap mid-sized Syrian and Dwarf Hamster Cage

    • The Rotastak Genus 200 is a cheap mid-sized wire mesh hamster cage for Syrians and dwarfs with a platform and built-in long outer tunnel and wheel.
    • Free std UK delivery on orders over £39 otherwise £4.95.


  10. Best Hamster Cages of 2017 Review

    • For Syrian hamsters, the minimum cage size should be at least 2 cubic feet of space. Keep in mind that Syrian hamsters are lone creatures and therefore should not be housed
    • If this seems too costly for you, one cheap solution is to buy large plastic containers in bulk and use these as hamster cages.