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The Chinese dwarf hamsters and the Russian dwarf hamsters love to exercise so you will want to ensure they have plenty of room. Especially if you buy a pair and keep them in the same cage or tank.

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A Chinese dwarf hamster is an overly active pet and watching their activities is a pleasant experience for all pet owners.

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Chinese hamsters are not a true dwarf hamster, but are of a similar size as the other dwarf hamsters. Expected Life Span

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Since Chinese dwarf hamsters are quite small, you do not need a large cage, but you can keep them in a larger cage if you prefer. Line the cage with plenty of bedding such as timothy hay, aspen shavings, shredded paper, or pelleted bedding.

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There are three different species of dwarf hamster: Chinese, Russian and Roborovski.

Dwarf Hamsters (Robo, Winter White, Chinese, Russian)


CAGE TEMPS: Normal room temperature; not affected by normal house temperature ranges. WILD HISTORY: Dwarf hamsters are hardy creatures that come from dry areas that experience extreme. temperature fluctuations, such as Mongolia, Siberia, China and Kazakhstan.

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Chinese Hamsters are not technically Dwarf Hamsters as they are part of the genus Cricetulus, not “Dwarf” Phodopus.

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Since females can be aggressive towards other hamsters, supply them with places to hide on different levels within the aquarium or cage if you plan to have more than one. Chinese dwarf hamsters, with their short coats and somewhat longer tails...

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Social: Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are solitary animals. They may be finicky with humans and definitely prefer to live separated from other hamsters. If you also like these hamsters as pets, try only getting one or one cage for each hamster.

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Syrian hamsters are quite adaptive creatures and thrive in any cage that meets the basic requirements. Dwarf hamster cages

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