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  1. The Best Large Cages & Accessories for Dwarf Hamsters

    • Chinese Hamster. Syrian Hamsters. Care.
    • This article is about the best Dwarf Hamster Cages available to buy online and in pet stores. Most hamster cages on the market are aimed at the larger Syrian hamster.


  2. How to Care for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    • Since Chinese dwarf hamsters are quite small, you do not need a large cage, but you can keep them in a larger cage if you prefer. Line the cage with plenty of bedding such as timothy hay, aspen shavings, shredded paper, or pelleted bedding.


  3. Chinese Dwarf Hamster 101 - Dwarf Hamster Blog

    • What do Chinese dwarf hamsters eat? Water is essential for a Chinese dwarf hamster so make sure you always have a fresh supply. It’s ideal to change the water daily as it can become dirty with pellets and debris from the cage.


  4. Cage For Chinese Dwarf Hamster

    • Basic Information About Chinese Dwarf Hamster. The Chinese Hamster originate from the northern china and some regions of Mongolia.
    • There is no special diet for the Chinese dwarf hamster, just make sure there is always a supply of fresh water in the cage.


  5. Dwarf Hamster Care | Roborovski, Russian & Chinese Hamsters

    • Learn all about Dwarf Hamster Care with this this Comprehensive Guide! Winter White, Chinese & Roborovski breeds covered!
    • 6 Can Dwarf Hamsters Live Together? 7 Cages – What is the Best Cage for Dwarf Hamsters?


  6. Robo Dwarf Hamster - All About Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

    • What cages do you suggest for a robo dwarf hamster?
    • We’ve had 2 Chinese dwarf hamsters ho have lived together for the past 18 month and 1 of them kept attacking the other sadly she has died can the other 1 survive on her own .?


  7. Syrian Hamster Care, Facts, Colors, Life Span - Shorthair & Longhaired

    • Chinese Hamster. Syrian Hamsters.
    • 6 Housing – The Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster. 7 Coats – The Different Types Of Syrian Hamster Coat.
    • 9 Patterns – Common Fur Patterns of Syrian Hamsters. 10 Syrian and Dwarf Hamster Differences.


  8. Cute Hamster Names For Dwarfs, Females, Males

    • Dwarf Hamster Cages. Food.
    • Chinese hamsters would suit Chinese names, Roborovski and Russian hamsters would suit Russian names! Some foreign names from Asia would make very cute hamster names indeed!


  9. Can Chinese dwarf hamsters and dwarf hamsters be in the same cage

    • If you're a beginner, I'd recommend a Chinese Dwarf hamster. They're very sweet. I have one myself, and practically never bites, unless you either force her to or she's in her… cage and you leave your finger in front of her mouth for too long.


  10. All About Chinese Dwarf Hamsters – Hamster Blog

    • Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are rarely seen in pet shops and houses because they originated in the deserts of northern China and Mongolia and
    • A pair of female Chinese Hamsters that have been brought up together can get along better than a male and a female pair of hamsters in the same cage.