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Chocolate i/ˈtʃɒkᵊlət/ is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, often flavored, as with vanilla. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods.

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Often said to come from Nahuatl xocolātl (e.g. American Heritage Dictionary 2000) or chocolatl (e.g. 2006), which would be derived from xococ ‎(“bitter”) and ātl ‎(“water”), with an irregular change of x to ch.

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Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk as an additive. It is sometimes called "plain chocolate." The U.S. Government calls this "sweet chocolate...


Chocolate has been used as a drink for nearly all of its history.

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I bought chocolate with chili peppers in Merida.Compré chocolate con chile en Mérida.

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"That shirt is totally Chocolate!" "Check out my new phone, it's so Chocolate!" "Damn that movie was Chocolate!" "thats pretty damn Chocolate my friend".

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Hershey’s produces over 80 million chocolate Kisses--every day.i. The English chocolate company Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in the world in 1842.f.

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Yet while it was revered, it was also reviled, an ambivalence that attends chocolate even in the twenty-first century. Among all the fruits of tropical and subtropical America...

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Chocolate Dessert Recipes. Decadent cakes, cookies, fudge, and cheesecakes. When your sweet tooth screams for chocolate, we’ll help you answer the call.

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Chocolate companies invest millions of dollars into tools and machinery to turn bitter cocoa beans into delicious chocolate bars. With a little elbow grease, however...

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