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  1. Chrome Type Effect in Photoshop CC | Planet Photoshop

    • This article is courtesy of Photoshop User magazine, the official publication of KelbyOne, which provides quality online education for creative people.
    • One comment on “Chrome Type Effect in Photoshop CC”.


  2. Chrome text in Photoshop Tutorial - PhotoshopCAFE

    • The essential chrome effect, don’t leave home without it. This works on any object, not just text. Learn how to create chrome in Photoshop.
    • You might remember the original chrome text tutorial from here at PhotoshopCAFE. It was one of the very first Photoshop chrome tutorials on the web, and oh...


  3. Photoshop Text Effects Chrome Text Effect In Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

    • Typography walk-through showcasing the creation of a chrome text-effect using Photoshop.
    • MySQL Oracle P2P Filesharing Paint Shop Pro Perl and CGI Photoshop PHP Premiere Python QuarkXPress Ruby on Rails SEO SQL Basics Sybase Visual Basic Visual C Web Design Web...


  4. Photoshop CS6 – Chrome Text Effect Tutorial (Metallic Chrome Style) | P&T IT BROTHER - Computer Repair Laptops, Mac, Cellphone, Tablets (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android)

    • Today We are going to share how to apply metal chrome style effect to the text in Photoshop CS6. We have an easy instruction and a PSD file.
    • Open Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Type something that you want to apply chrome text effect using the text tool.


  5. Create an Elegant 3D Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 — Medialoot

    • 80s Chrome Text Effect Free. Web Header Cover Templates (PSD) Free.
    • This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop CS6's Shape Attributes and 3D capabilities to create an elegant royal 3D text effect.


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  7. Chrome Text Effect In Photoshop CS6

    • Typography walk-through showcasing the creation of a chrome text-effect using Photoshop.
    • Design Cool Lord-Chrome Text Effect Polished Chrome Effect Simple Chrome Text Effect The Ultimate Chrome Text Effect White.


  8. Episode 10 – Chrome Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

    • In this episode I show you how to create this classic Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop CC/CS6. This technique can be used not only to create shiny photo realistic chrome, but almost any shape can be given a metallic appearance using this technique.


  9. Chrome 3D Text Using Image Based Lights - Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

    • Create an awesome this cool effect using adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extended, and a photo of a street.
    • Home » 3D Photoshop Tutorials » Chrome 3D Text Using Image Based Lights.


  10. 3D Text Effect in Photoshop CS6

    • In this tutorial we'll create this awesome 3D chrome text effect using Image Based Lights in Photoshop CS6 Extended. For This Photoshop CS6 3D text tutorial