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  1. Remove Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru Chrome Extension (Guide)

    • When the Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru extension is installed, common symptoms include
    • Your Google Chrome browser should now be free of the Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru malicious extension.


  2. Remove the Поиск Mail.Ru & Go.mail.ru Chrome Extension

    • How was the Поиск Mail.Ru Extension installed in Chrome? The Поиск Mail.Ru extension must be installed manually. It is not known to be installed by any software or other unwanted installation methods.


  3. anysad.ru/3fmb


  4. Remove the Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru Chrome Extension

    • Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru is a Google Chrome extension that describes itself as being able to "Красивые фоны на каждый день под любое настроение!".
    • How was the Визуальные Закладки Mail.Ru Extension installed in Chrome?


  5. How was the Домашняя страница Mail.Ru Extension installed in Chrome?

    • Домашняя страница Mail.Ru, or Mail.ru Home Page, is a Google Chrome extension that changes Chrome's home page to Mail.ru.
    • It should be noted that Mail.ru is a very well known and respected company. This extension is purely being used to promote their services.


  6. How to get rid of Go.mail.ru Redirect - Virus removal guide

    • Remove go.mail.ru-related Google Chrome extensions
    • Optional method: If you continue to have problems with removal of the go.mail.ru browser hijacker, reset your Google Chrome browser settings.


  7. Go.mail.ru Removal from Chrome - Dowser | Now we’ll remove the extensions that the malware has attached to your browser.

    • Go.mail.ru Removal from Chrome. Many types of malware will restrict your access to their core files.
    • Click on “Developer Mode” on the top right and look for the extension installed by Go.mail.ru and anything that might be related to it.


  8. The Best E-Mail Notifier Extensions for Google Chrome

    • But not with an e-mail notifier extension installed in Chrome.
    • There’s a neat-looking add-on for Yandex Mail, something for Mail.ru users (albeit with wide-reaching permissions), but nothing for Zoho or AOL.


  9. [решено] Очистка браузеров от Adware mail.ru | Форум - Форум WindowsFAQ

    • Браузеры IE 11, Chrome, FireFox, Opera. В IE и Chrome - проблема с
    • Несколько программ из набора mail.ru - удалил из оснастки Установка
    • Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\felcaaldnbdncclmgdcncolpebgiejap [2015-02-16] CHR Extension: (Google*Документы офлайн) - C:\Users\admin...


  10. Blog - Ghostery

    • Hello Ghosterians, We are overjoyed to announce that the Ghostery extension and mobile browsers have been acquired by Cliqz, a German company owned by...