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Freeware benchmark program for Windows (CPU, graphics, HDD speed, CPU temperature monitoring, overall scoring). Includes software description, downloads and navigable results database.

CPU Free BenchMark (former CPUMark) Download


CPU Free BenchMark is one of those easy-to-use applications for this sort of job. Its interface is not complex at all and you only have to click once for the whole test batch to start. It features three standard...

UserBenchmark: CPU Speed Test Tool - Compare Your PC


Free benchmarking software.

The 5 Best Free Benchmark Programs for Windows


Downloading free benchmark testing software will give you a firm, objective way of judging the performance of your computer. As you make adjustments to your computer you can see how much, or how little, impact the changes have had.

SilverBench · Online multicore CPU benchmark / stress test


SilverBench is a Silverlight based online multicore CPU benchmark / stress test with online results and statistics.

The best benchmarking tools for testing your CPU | PC Gamer


The main use of Prime95 in benchmarking is CPU stress testing, mainly when executing FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) on all CPU cores.

15 Best Free Benchmarking Software for Windows


Dacris Benchmark is a good software which lets you take benchmark tests for free. It provides you with various options in which you can take the benchmark tests of the whole computer, or any single component. In individual test, you can take the test of CPU, memory, hard disk, 2D video...

How to Benchmark Your Windows PC: 5 Free Benchmarking Tools


Windows has a large ecosystem of useful benchmarking applications, and many of them are free. Before performing any benchmark, ensure that nothing else is running on your computer – if something is

Improved Photoshop Benchmark CPU speed test for both Mac & PC...


I “released” my photoshop radial blur CPU benchmark test almost a year ago. Since then CPU processors have gotten faster, as they always do.

PC Stress Test free software for Windows 10 / 8 / 7


Aggressive CPU-Stress lays excessive stress on the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

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