Maximus Hero VI CPU Fan Error | Forum

I keep getting this CPU fan error every time I boot up my PC.

New maximus vi hero cpu fan error please help [Archive] - ASUS...

Where are you receiving the fan error, Is the error in Your OS or in the Bios, and what do the readings show? Pics will help. If the error is the CPU fan, It may be you have utilized the wrong fan header or connected a 3 pin into a 4 pin header incorrectly.

Maximus Hero VI CPU Fan Error [Archive] - ASUS Republic... | Forum

View Full Version : Maximus Hero VI CPU Fan Error.

ASUS Maximus VI Hero Error 53 [Archive] - ASUS Republic... | Forum

View Full Version : ASUS Maximus VI Hero Error 53.

Code A2 Error on Maximus VI Hero [Archive] - ASUS Republic...

Asus Maximus VI Hero mobo Intel 4770K Asus gtx780 gpu Asus DVD Burner Samsung 840 SSD WD HDD Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM.

Motherboard | 2.5 Turning off the computer... 2-17

Intel LGA 1150 compatible CPU Fan. DDR3 DIMM. SATA hard disk drive.

H100i no CPU fan error on boot | Forum

Running the h100i cooler on a Asus Maximus Hero VI board (new build). When I plug the h100i fan pin into the cpu header I get a error on boot "no cpu fan detected".

Maximus Iv Hero Manual

Maximus VI Hero cpu fan error - posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and the low speed fan warning to something lower (reference your manual for how to


Invalid memory type or incompatible memory 50 – 53 speed Unspecified memory initialization error Memory not installed Invalid CPU type or Speed CPU mismatch CPU self test failed or possible CPU cache error CPU

ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO (Intel LGA 1150) Review | techPowerUp

Enthusiasts raised their voices and ASUS listened. The ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO is a brand-new, value-centric addition to the ROG line-up, a line-up whose products traditionally carried a price premium.

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