Why I see the error message "CPU FAN Error" in POST?


ASUS recommends Windows® 7.

How to Cancel "CPU Fan Error" Message on ASUS Motherboard


Recently quite a few ASUS motherboard users feed back that every time when computer starts up, it prompts “CPU Fan Error”, and they have to press F1 to continue.

CPU Fan Error - Fixya | Top ASUS Motherboards Experts


Motherboard : Asus a7n8x-vm 400 When I start the system, it is showing CPU fan error. Please help us to resolve the problem.

CPU FAN ERROR on startup! | Motherboard


CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to run setup. In the bios its says theres something wrong with the some of the other fans.Picture shows. I've checked the whole fans in the case, and they are all working fine. please note that the motherboard is Asus P8Z77 PRO, and the CPU is i7-3770k.

CPU fan error - mainboard P5WD2 premium | PC Review


Using Q-fan means the motherboard will thermo-regulate to a 60C CPU temperature, and the fan will spin quite slowly. Disabling Q-fan will allow the Intel fan to spin faster.

ASUS A8V Deluxe - CPU Fan Error


My ASUS board says "CPU fan fail" when it starts if the fan is turned down low.

Weird overheating problem (cpu fan error) - Asus - Motherboards


Now i started to get cpu fan error on my Asus sabertooth x58 and it would sky rocket to 80c on boot.

How to Repair the "CPU Fan Error" Message On Your ASUS...


There are lots of people who have encountered a problem by using their ASUS motherboard. The trouble entails the person being greeted with a "CPU Fan Error" concept as they change their computer on and are prompted hitting the F1 button to keep.

error with CPU fan on Asus P8Z77-V PRO | TechArena Community


My friend had an old system with Asus P8Z77-V PRO motherboard and he gave it to me for usage. So after getting and starting it for the first time I get a message saying "CPU Fan Error" and also gives me option to press F1 to run setup.

CPU Fan Error with Corsair H100i - New Build | Forum


Motherboard - ASUS X99 Deluxe CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i. I just spent the day building a new gaming PC and right from the very first boot I have had a "CPU FAN ERROR" message that appears. I'm then instructed to press F1 to enter setup.

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