FIX CPU fan error message of your computer - YouTube

I am sharing a simple self-made video how to solve CPU fan error. In order to make this message disappear from a PC on startup you have to get into the bios...

HP Notebook PCs - System Fan (90b) error message on startup

This error message occurs to help prevent costly damage to the computer.

CPU fan error message at startup | Forum | Overclockers Forums

When I boot my computer I get a "CPU FAN ERROR press F1 to continue" error message, but the fan seems to be working fine. Im wondering for what reason I am recieving this error message and how I can fix it!

Cooling Fan Error on startup! Please help!

The system fan is the one in the box itself , NOT the CPU fan.

Error message "CPU Fan is not working" On boot. - TechSpot Forums

I had it replaced but the repair shop told me I would not be able to do anything about the error message on startup of, "CPU FAN NOT DETECTED" and that I would have to press F1 each time on startup in order to continue.

CPU FAN ERROR on startup! - Page 3

Started it up and "CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to run setup" Yes it did frighten me that there was a genuine issue did I mess up is there a fault etc. but for all you geeks out there, its not. The Cpu temp is Approx.

How to remove cpu fan error message - 1Q5A

How to solve Cpu Fan error message on startup? Nothing to do with Nero. If the message has only just started to show up it means there REALLY is something wrong with the CPU fan and you should get it repaire... Isn't this a 12v fan ?

Why does my computer have a CPU fan error?_Windows Error Help

If there are outdated drivers existing on the PC, the computer will not call the required components properly and then display a CPU fan error or a 301 keyboard error messages at PC startup.

solve error message

On this motherboard CPU fan speed is N/A by default & I have to change it to Ignored to make the message of CPU fan error disappear on startup.

Weird CPU fan behavior on a Presario | PC Review

A relative's Presario started giving a "CPU Fan Failed" error message on startup. It doesn't do this every time, but seems to enter periods of time when it happens. I opened it up and watched it during powerup: when the system power is first turned on...

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